Taylor Swift thinks about ‘crazy dreams’ coming true

All her dreams are coming true. She told Billboard, “I do a lot of reflecting. I’ll be driving down the streets I used to drive down in Nashville and my song will come on the radio or I’ll pass my high school and something will remind me of how my life was before all of these crazy dreams started coming true. We wished for this, my parents and I, every single day without actually believing it would come true.” She continues, “my next goals are to continue on with the Fearless tour. I’d love to be able to perform on the Grammys again. They gave me a unique opportunity last year to perform a song I hadn’t even released as a single. Obviously I’ll be making my third record. I’ll be taking time to make it everything I’ve got dreamed up in my head so far. I like to have about two years between records — so possibly next year.”

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