Cast members of ABC’s “Lost” reflect on series ending


When the new season of ABC’s “Lost” premieres on Feb. 2, it will be the beginning of the end of six-year journey for viewers and for the actors who have portrayed the survivors of a plane crash who are forced to live with each other on a remote and very mysterious island.

Appearing at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena this week, cast members reflected on an acting experience that required them to live in Oahu, Hawaii for much of the year as they film episodes of a show.

Evangeline Lilly, who plays fugitive Kate Austen and was involved with the show’s main heartthrobs Jack (Matthew Fox) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) admitted to feeling very emotional about the show coming to an end.

“As we were walking onto the stage and this montage was playing, I was whispering to my cast members: ‘I am going to cry like a baby when this show ends.’ It’s become so nostalgic for us to look back over six years and [we] have grown up together and grown up in front of all of you together. It’s been so intense that for it to come to an end is going to be life-changing.”

As emotional as Lilly feels about the show ending, she looks forward to a life less isolated now that she won’t be filming in Hawaii.

“I think that on a certain level, living in paradise has been, also, a little bit of a prison for us because we don’t have a lot of freedom,” she said. “It’s not like working in Los Angeles where you can go out to Las Vegas for the weekend and take off an get away. When we’re on the island, we’re on the island, and we’re stuck and we can’t go anywhere. So I think there’s this innate sense of freedom that’s coming along with it.”

Holloway said that as the remaining episodes are being shot, there is a lot of camaraderie on the set: “It feels a lot – a lot of magic from the first season. It was an incredibly magical year and the whole experience, of course, has been incredible. But this last year, everybody’s really getting that sense of camaraderie and nostalgia and it’s just been fabulous.”

“My God, I’ve had so many life-changing experiences since the show has began,” he added. “I’ve gotten married, I’ve got my first home, validation as an actor, a baby. My God, I can’t say enough about that. It’s been quite a phenomenal journey and an honor.”

Terry O’Quinn, who won the Emmy for his performance as John Locke in 2007, described the entire experience has been “pretty sweet.”

“More than anything, just coming to work with these people and working your way through a scene and collaborating on a scene and working as actors and developing a scene. It’s always different.” he said. “You look at the call sheet in the morning and you see Jorge [Garcia], Michael [Emerson] or Josh [Holloway] or [Daniel Dae Kim], I mean, anybody, and you get excited about that day.”

But the unexpected twists and turns of each character has made for an unprecedented acting experience for most of the cast.

“Working on ‘Lost’ has upset most of my previous ideas about actor preparation,” said Emerson, a 2008 Emmy winner for his role as Benjamin Linus. “It’s actually better, working on this show, to be in the dark, just groping around a bit. And it’s nice not to be burdened with the secrets. … Trying to play the future before it arrives, those sorts of things just get in the way.”

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