Woody Harrelson blasts his way through ‘Zombieland’

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With all due respect to George A. Romero, the zombie genre has been done to (un)death. So last year’s fresh, funny horror-comedy hybrid “Zombieland” – now on home video from Sony – ended up being an unexpected pleasure.

Woody Harrelson and Jamie Eisenberg lead audiences through a desolate, postapocalyptic America where 99 percent of the population has succumbed to a sophisticated version of Mad Cow Disease, turning them into brain-craving, flesh-ripping lightning-fast zombies. “Zombieland” is gory, for sure. Blood and guts flow in earnest. But first-time director Ruben Fleischer wisely lightens the overall mood with twisted jokes that contribute to the film’s carnival atmosphere. And the best laugh, no longer secret, involves a famous comedian making a beyond-the-grave cameo. Enjoy!

Grab the DVD for deleted scenes, an audio commentary track, two behind-the-scenes featurettes, visual effects clips and theatrical promo trailers.
The movie – *** out of 4
The DVD – *** out of 4

Max Mayer’s tender, sweet “Adam” flew under the radar last year but deserves a second look for its patient approach to young love between flawed individuals their first steps out of the proverbial “nest” and into the real world.

One of them, Adam (Hugh Dancy), happens to have Asperger’s syndrome, which prompts him to see the rodl through a very literal scope. Instead of exploiting the infliction, however, “Adam” lets the relationship between Beth (Rose Byrne) and the boy in her new apartment building unfold organically. Adam’s disorder is but one piece of a relationship puzzle that’s nurtured out of its shell by the performers. “Adam” is a movie about growing up. I think it will grow on people over time.

Supplements on the “Adam” DVD from Fox Home Entertainment include a commentary track, deleted scenes (including an alternate ending), a “Creating Adam” piece and the FOX Movie Channel segment on “Life After Film School with Rose Byrne.”

The movie – *** out of 4
The DVD – *** out of 4

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