Sam Worthington signs onto “Texas Killing Fields”



“Avatar” star Sam Worthington has signed on to star in “Texas Killing Fields,” a murder mystery that follows two police officers trying to solve twenty years worth (more than 60 victims) of disappearances in the industrial wastelands surround refineries.

The film begins production in April in Louisiana.

Other films Worthington has signed onto include “The Last Days of American Crime,” “The Debt,” and “Clash of the Titans.”


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  • April 4, 2010 | Permalink |

    Do the producers of this film have a single clue as to the incredible story that is ongoing today as a result of the murders of these women? I doubt it, as they didn’t bother to contact the families of the victims. One of these families has made it their life’s work to help others locate their missing children.

    Tim Miller is a true victim’s advocate and a hero to many. I hope anyone who is involved with this movie passes along this article quoting Tim Miller about the film currently in production about the serial killers responsible for the death of his daughter, Laura.

    In his daughter’s honor, Miller founded the non-profit organization, Texas Equuasearch (, to help parents find their missing children.

    “I hate to see somebody make money of my daughter’s death. They will make money and movies are entertaining. Let me tell you, there is nothing entertaining about our daughters being murdered,” Miller said.

    The father of Laura Smither, who was also murdered during that time, said he would have liked to receive a courtesy call.

    “I’m a little surprised that the producers didn’t try to contact us to tell us what they were up to and to get our input,” Bob Smither said.

    How callous for these writers and producers to proceed without any contact with the families of the victims. The article isn’t clear on how the Fathers learned of the news, but it does seem clear that it was not through the movie makers themselves.

    I’m hoping that some genius, honourable PR person approaches the producers and highlights all of the great work TES has done, not just the damn notoriety of the killers. Hopefully they’ll even channel a decent share of the profits into TES. Add a blurb at the end of the movie – anything at all to take away this irreverent, disrespectful sting of not even approaching the victims’ families with a little courtesy, and perhaps even a little more insight into the story they plan to make big bucks on.

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