Oh, baby! We did it, baby! cheered Mo’Nique

Mo'Nique BET show
“Oh, baby! We did it, baby! We did it!” cheered Mo’Nique on her TV show last Thursday as she stepped out before the studio audience, dancing and wiggling as she pumped her Golden Globe in the air triumphantly, according to Tom O’Neil at Theenvelope.com. “Hey, baby! Let me say ‘welcome to our show’ ’cause this is our show, baby, as we celebrate our award. This is ours, y’all. We won this award. And I gotta say that when they called my name I didn’t have enough time to get nervous because the moment we sat down, they said, ‘And the nominees are ….’

“Now the little girl in me — because you know that she’s right there in full force — the little girl in me was sitting at that table and she kept saying ‘I told you. I told you. I told you. I told you … I told you that one day we would experience this.’ So the reason that I brought this out on this stage is to say to the world, baby, is to dream the impossible dream. This is possible. So I’m going to pass this around along the front row. Hold it and pass it down. If you drop it, I swear to God … hold it and pass it down … Yes, baby! Hold that baby! Feel it! Yes, baby!”

“What was strange about her shtick was that she didn’t mention the words “Golden Globe” or ‘Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.’ She just referred to ‘this award.’ When she wins the Academy Award next and shares it with her audience, I have a strong hunch she’ll mention the word ‘Oscar,’ don’t you? says Tom O’Neil at theenvelope.com

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