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Movie research expert Kevin Goetz announced today the launch of a new research, marketing and consulting firm, Screen Engine, LLC, to offer a spectrum of products and services to the movie industry. Goetz, a 23-year veteran of motion picture market research, hopes his new company will add a level of strategic insight to the tried and true methods that have been used by Hollywood for decades. Screen Engine will conduct screening research, exit polling and qualitative analysis alongside a suite of custom research and marketing products, with the mission of providing valuable consumer feedback that mitigates risk.

“My goal is to provide the industry with the more personal and strategic approach that it demands. Screen Engine will transcend the boundaries of data collection and allow me to focus entirely on what I do best, which is to partner with studios and filmmakers to identify ways to best leverage their films so that they achieve maximum success at the box office.”

Goetz is considered the preeminent focus group moderator in Hollywood and has built a reputation for astute interpretation of test data. He commands a level of trust in his field that is unparalleled and is credited by many studio heads and filmmakers for input that helps to shape movies in their final editing stages.

“I was there when blockbusters like Titanic, Fatal Attraction, Forrest Gump, The Wedding Crashers and Slumdog Millionaire were first previewed to test audiences,” recalls Goetz. “And I have also witnessed some of Hollywood’s most heartbreaking disappointments. I know how to read an audience, and how to interpret and synthesize moviegoer feedback into measurable results. The data gathered during a testing program is just a starting place — Screen Engine will put some muscle behind the research results by coming up with actionable marketing strategies.”

“There is both an art and a science to what I do, and clients rely on me not only for marketing expertise but also for my candor. I become personally invested in each and every one of the films tested because I understand the entire movie making process, having produced seven movies of my own.”

Goetz began his career at NRG, a company that held a virtual monopoly of the film research market until just a few years ago, and now operates under The Nielsen Company umbrella. In 2003, Goetz was recruited to build a screenings and qualitative research division at rising consumer research firm, OTX, where he rose to president of their Motion Picture Group. Developing the business from scratch, he achieved more than 50% market share in less than seven years. Goetz was recently elected a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, an honor rarely bestowed upon vendors outside the studios. He has been called the “Dr. of Audience-ology” in the Los Angeles Times; and was cited among their list of “Southern California’s 100 Most Powerful and Influential People.”

“Screen Engine will provide the data and tools needed to refine films so that they have maximum playability and allow studio marketing and distribution departments to position their movies within this intensely competitive environment,” says Goetz. “Every film needs a plan to event-ize its release, and this new company should be considered a strategic partner in navigating the path.”

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