Green Festivals to Help Central New York Create Hundreds of Jobs and Help Farm Community

Phil Lesh Bob Weir Green festivals
Green festivals and 200 jobs for the Central New York region are the priority for Gelston Castle Estate.
Jobs are the number one priority for Washington leaders. Green Jobs are highly sought. Washington just got 200 Green hands from one Green company.

Safflyn Corporation will produce a series of Green festivals, concerts and public awareness events that will create more than 200 jobs, economic opportunities and tourism investment in the local region of Central New York.

The company, which owns Gelston Castle Estate, has appointed Chuck Chao – Eastern Artists to secure the talent for events at Gelston. The summer lineup has been anchored by Grateful Dead members Phil Lesh & Bob Weir who are embarking on a musical adventure with their new band Furthur, which will perform at the Estate on July 3rd at 7 pm. Tickets are currently on sale.

Currently working with the City of New York to create Green Jobs, Safflyn Corporation is responding to the challenge put forth by President Obama to deliver a Green Economy. Together, with the Center for Green Leadership, Sherwin-Williams and several other corporate partners, they are creating a new talent pool of Green labor.

Mr. Chuck Chao of Eastern Artists has been appointed the talent manager for the events at the Estate. “Gelston Castle Estate provides the perfect venue for Green events to take place. It is Nature’s Palace! The privilege to be part of what Safflyn is doing and to be the person recognized to bring the talent that will make this place known for great events is an honor I accept,” stated Mr. Chao.

The goal of the programs at Gelston Castle Estate will be to increase the available information and resources for people seeking employment in the new Green industry. Visitors to the Estate can expect to see historical re-enactments, international recording artists, Green demonstration projects and staff that support the carbon neutral mission of Safflyn Corporation.

“Our mission at Safflyn Corporation is to create a carbon neutral world. We pursue projects that are sustainable and low impact to the environment. The Central New York region needs jobs. Our Venue, Gelston Castle Estate, can provide a tremendous resource for the development of jobs, business and tourism investment all within one location. This is an important issue that we want to address for our neighbors and friends in the Central New York region. Our goal is to assist the rebuilding of the American Economy the best way we know how,” said Jason Safford, CEO of Safflyn Corporation.

The Green festivals and events will be planned by a committee led by Eastern Artists and the Center for Green Leadership, which will operate the Green programs and informational sessions. The 2010 agenda includes FURTHER and a number of top-talent recording artists in Country, Rock, Reggae and Jazz genres.
Resumes with cover letters can be sent to for immediate consideration for employment during the upcoming season.

For more information on the Green initiative of Safflyn Corporation, please contact


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