Exclusive Video: Paparazzi stake out Jesse James’ West Coast Choppers


Employees at the Long Beach, CA., custom motorcycle shop, West Coast Choppers, were tight-lipped Friday when a reporter approached them asking for comment about the sex scandal swirling around their boss, Jesse James, the husband of Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock.

James, the bad ass TV host of the Discovery Channel’s popular series “Monster Garage,” had issued an apology the previous day after a report surfaced in “In Touch” magazine that he had carried on an affair with a tattoo and fetish model named Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

Below EXCLUSIVE VIDEO inside Jesse James’ West Coast Choppers Shop

News of the affair prompted Bullock, one of the most popular stars in Hollywood, to call off her appearance at the London premiere of her hit film, “The Blind Side.” She reportedly moved out of the couple’s beachfront home in Sunset Beach after the scandal broke.

“That’s his business,” said one person leaving West Coast Choppers, when asked how the sex scandal is affecting James?

Internet news and gossip websites and newspaper tabloids have been abuzz all week after McGee went public with allegations that she had been sleeping with Bullock’s husband over an 11-month period, including times when Bullock was on location filming “The Blind Side.”

James issued an apology to his wife and children Thursday, saying, “There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me.”

On Friday, paparazzi sat in a line of cars parked curbside across the street from West Coast Choppers waiting for any sign of James, or Bullock, for that matter. She was rumored to be out of town.

One paparazzo who only identified himself as “Damon,” said James was reportedly seen at the motorcycle shop earlier in the day.

Another paparazzo said that a photo or video of James outside his shop could bring “five figures, with $50,000 the tops” for the photographers patiently waiting in their cars. But if Bullock were to show up, he said, and if she had tears in her eyes, or if she were to show up hand-in-hand with James, then the “sky’s the limit” on what that footage or photos would earn on the open market.

Given the scintillating nature of the story, an Oscar-winner in hiding, her bad boy husband and his alleged affair with a stripper, everyone is wondering how the sex scandal will play out and if there are other women out there ala Tiger Woods who will want to claim affairs with James.

Meanwhile, it was business as usual Friday in sun-drenched Long Beach at West Coast Choppers on Anaheim Street, where a few customers were seen walking along a window-side row of gleaming motorcycles parked in the showroom. The choppers all had intricate designs, one even had the image of a sexy woman adorning its fuel tank.

And up the block, lunchtime business appeared brisk at James’ organic diner Cisco Burger, named after his beloved pit bull who is now deceased.


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    Dude, his garage looks like white trash shit

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    I am surprised that he keeps going on like nothing happened. Whata looser.

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