Nikki Finke responds to Sharon Waxman’s rumor

We now know why Nikki Finke wrote this odd “advisory” to readers of her popular blog saying there is no truth to rumors swirling in Hollywood that she will leave her post as the general manager and editor-in-chief of

One of Finke’s competitors, Sharon Waxman of The Wrap, quoting unidentified sources, questioned whether Finke’s employement contract with Jay Penske’s Mail Media Corporation “doesn’t have all the I’s dotted and t’s crossed.”

In her blog, Waxman asks: “could Nikki Finke be in talks to sell herself yet again? The word I hear from one source involves a scenario in which La Finke, much feared, widely read, deeply disliked, could leave for another job elsewhere. I agree this sounds unlikely, given that she sold her site just last summer to Jay Penske’s Mail Media Corporation for a cash sum and a 10-year deal that has been estimated anywhere from $10 million to $15 million. But that’s what I’m hearing. I can’t say more about the job, but it would be editorial and based here in the entertainment industry. Could she be tempted away to a bigger job, with a wider platform and leave behind? And where would that leave Jay Penske? Or Mike Fleming for that matter.”

Finke responded before Waxman had posted anything, saying: “You’re stuck with me.”

“I’m amused how some showbiz websites getting the shit kicked out of them by Deadline want me gone permanently (preferably feet first). But wishing doesn’t make it so. And rumor-mongering won’t help either. The fact is that Deadline’s surprising editorial and financial success opens up a lot of opportunities almost daily.”

She noted that in December, the Hollywood Reporter approached her about becoming the trade’s new editor-in-chief and that last January they made her a “very lucrative financial offer.” But instead of negotiating any such deal, Finke said, she put MMC together with the new THR owners creating “dialogue” on some “mutually beneficial business.”

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    why does anyone like Nikki Finke and give her more opportunities, all she does is bash everyone else and half the things she post aren’t true

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