Fringe this week has big things for Peter, Olivia and Walter

Warning: Mild spoilers follow


We saw this week’s upcoming episode of Fringe at the WonderCon convention in San Francisco. We won’t spoil the key details, but here’s a rundown of all the cool stuff you’ll see this Thursday night.

After last week’s episode “Peter,” which was pure backstory with the long awaited reveal about Walter and Peter, Fringe return to a case of the week episode. It still relates to the overall storyline of Fringe as they always do. You get everything: new science, continuing drama, some eccentric comedy and heart. It’s just the more classic structure of a Fringe episode.

This week’s case is a fairly grotesque medical threat. It makes a very pretty guest star bubble up with a Fringe-worthy makeup effect. There’s more than one gory body this week too. By the time it climaxes, it’s really scary because of how dangerous it is and they play all the tensions expertly. Tragic too, because Fringe knows how to make you feel for the monster.

Of course there’s a perfectly logical medical explanation for the crazy disease. Impossible, but logical. They take a medical phenomenon and just give it one unnatural property. That makes it sci-fi, but also a linear storyline with clues that lead them to the answer.

They very much develop the aftermath of Walter’s confession to Olivia in last week’s episode. She’s acting different around Peter so it’s not just back to business as usual. She’s struggling with the secret. She deals with this throughout the episode, as does Walter, even Nina Sharp has an opinion, all while they’re solving a case.

Poor Peter thinks he knows what’s up. It just makes you feel worse for him. He’s just a sap now who thinks he’s well adjusted with the information he has, but we know he doesn’t have it all. Ignorance is bliss but we’re running out of happy ignorant characters. All the characters seem to be feeling it though and it looks like they’ll take some action sooner than later.

Also, Olivia goes back to the bowling alley. What answers does she find there? Hint: it’s not about her cross-dimensional travel. It leads to a game of Clue that reveals even more about Olivia’s character.

Walter gets some funny moments. His ski trip memory is another gem. He gets to be dramatic too in his scenes with Olivia, and sweet in scenes with Peter, and some major technobabble to explain to the team.

Fringe is in top form this week delivering an icky storyline that casual viewers can follow, and furthering overall storylines with which the die hards are obsessed. It’s as much about the characters we love as it is about the action, suspense and horror. There’s plenty of room for everything on this week’s Fringe.

Fringe airs Thursdays on Fox.


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