UPDATED: Underoath’s last original member Aaron Gillespie leaves band


UPDATE: Aaron Gillespie has just posted the following statement on his tumblr account:


am more then aware the the news you have heard of seems rash, and probably hasty. I wanted to be able to write a few thing down here to maybe help you understand a bit, or at least clear up the rumor mill before it starts grind like a mo fo’.

1. Underoath and i have parted ways. Yes that is a true statement. There is no bad blood, there is no anger, i was in that band for eleven years, i love every person with my whole heart, i love the music we made together, the shows we played and the good times we had. People change, times change, and sometimes change just comes hunting for you.

2. Yes i will continue to play in the almost. I will also play acoustic, as well as speak and do other musical/ ministry type things.

3. Yes underoath will remain a band, yes without me.

4. I really still love you, alot.

5. I am still giving drum lessons, all your appointments will be honored and kept.

6. Everything you read here is true, regardless of what your friends or internet connection might tell you.

7. Its all good. listen to uo, listen to the almost if you want, times change, roll with the hurricane.

I love ya,


Screamo Christian punk band Underoath has been on the scene since 1997 playing in headlining tours throughout the world. After several line-up changes over the years, the only original member has remained drummer/singer Aaron Gillespie (who also has a side project featuring more pop/punk songs called “The Almost“).

However, the band has just broke the news on their facebook wall that Gillespie will be leaving the band. They released the following two statements on their page:

“We are taking this opportunity to sadly inform you the six of us have decided at the end of the current european tour, Aaron will no longer be playing in Underoath. This was not a decision made in haste but a thought out and prayed upon group agreement. It in no way effects any of the shows left on this tour. They will still be our best efforts and enjoyable experiences for all.

For the future, Aaron will be pursuing other musical and ministry endeavors. As for the rest of us we will continue to work hard on the new Underoath record. We appreciate the love and support from everyone in the past and hope that all of us will continue to receive your support on our future paths. We love you guys. Tim, Grant, Aaron, James, Chris, and Spencer”

This might be the demise of the band, since many fans have only stuck around because Gillsepie was the last remaining core of the original band that stole their hearts. While, the band continues to move forward with a new album, expect to see sales drop when it finally hits the shelves. On the other hand, we can’t wait to see what Gillespie will pump out in the future.


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  • April 5, 2010 | Permalink |

    Honestly, I don’t think Aaron intended to, but his departure is hurting Underoath oh so much. Aaron’s sound is what kept many people listening. He has such a powerful voice.
    I honestly see this as a good thing in some ways. Underoath hogged the spotlight in the christian screamo music scene, and this gives other bands in that genre to get the spotlight they truly deserve. No band could ever replace Underoath, and no drummer/singer could ever replace Aaron Gillespie, but Joel Piper of Confide comes pretty close. Their new album “Recover” comes out in May, and (especially after this incident), will blow your mind. They have a new song coming out Wednesday from their upcoming album at myspace.com/confide. Check them out

  • April 13, 2010 | Permalink |

    dood, i am manically depressed now! I have never seen them, and I wanted to see them with aaron but man, this depresses me! today is my birthday too!

  • April 17, 2010 | Permalink |

    Sorry Nfraizer, no one comes close to Aaron. And this does suck, because I love Spencer and the rest of the band, but Aaron was the reason I stuck around. Now this has happened, TDWP will rule the screamo christian genre. Good luck UO. I will still buy the CD

  • April 18, 2010 | Permalink |

    Man, as much as I love everyone in underoath and I know they will still produce fantastic music it is a real bummer. Aaron is a great solo artist but he is what completes underoath. He is a key piece to a work of art.

  • December 17, 2010 | Permalink |

    Underoath i wish the best for you guys, ive listened to you since 2001 when i first herd you on Fuse tv channel. Adam im saddened that you are leaving the band but i pray the best for you in your endeavors, ill continue to support The Almost, Underoath, and the other bands no matter what the change. GOOD LUCK!!!

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