Tiger Woods takes home 4th place at the Masters


Tiger Woods has been in the spotlight for quite some time now, following the breaking news that he has had multiple affairs with many women. He went to an Arizona facility to undergo a “sex addiction” treatment, but not even that can save his marriage. With the recent turmoil between Tiger Woods and his wife Elin, it is shocking he was able to focus enough to return to golf so soon. But, his decision didn’t come without a consequence. Elin has basically cut off Woods due to his decision to return so early, and refusal to place due attention where is needed – their personal life. Since then Elin has decided to remain a no-show at the tournament, giving him the cold shoulder, and is now filled with anger. But this weekend he managed to put all that aside to take home the 4th place spot at the Masters Tournament.

His main rival throughout the years, Phil Mickelson, took home the 1st place spot, but he finished not too far behind. According to The Insider, his website posted the following remark to cap off the weekend. The post stated, “A rough start doomed his chances, but Tiger excited the crowd with two more eagles in the final round Sunday, completing the Masters in a tie for fourth at 11-under 277.”

In addition, they report that Woods said in a press conference following the tournament, “It’s not about the championships; it’s about how you live your life. … Going forward, I need to be a better man.”

You think that he’ll actually take his own advice this time?


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  • April 11, 2010 | Permalink |

    I’m glad phil won, he has always been in Tiger’s shadow, finally he can have his time

  • April 11, 2010 | Permalink |

    I am so glad that Phil Mickelson won the Masters! Phil is a most deserving winner! He is a loving husband, caring father and devoted son. The Sponsors should take notice that Phil is the man with family values!!!.
    Tiger Woods is soooo arrogant that he thought that he was going to come from shame and readily wins the Masters. Not so fast and easy, Tiger! Maybe you should take time to put your personal life in order before you play next!!!

  • April 18, 2010 | Permalink |

    Tiger cares about two things in life: sex and golf. He can concentrate on his golf because there is nothing untoward happening in his life. He does not care two hoots about his wife, his marriage or his kids. His lifestyle and behaviour over the last five years have proven that. So it does not matter to him if his marriage is on the rocks or his wife hates him intensely. Neither do the kids matter or he would not have chosen to spend his spare time away from golf with whores instead of his kids. So he CAN focus on golf because his mind is at peace. He’s getting a divorce, something he’s happy about. He’s still having a lot of sex, his team is arranging it like they always do. And they are hiding it like they’ve done for 5 years. So he’s happy.

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