Kate Gosselin’s brother attacks John on child labor laws

While Jon Gosselin is in a lawsuit battle against Kate over physical custody of their eight kids, it seems like the situation between the two of them just keeps getting more twisted as the days go by. While John is accusing Kate of being absent from the kids with her recent gig on “Dancing with the Stars,” she is claiming that it is the way she is making money so she can support the kids. Jon has been noted to be broke since the divorce and I don’t think has any money coming in at the moment. Now Kate’s brother Kevin Kreider have come forward to lawmakers and are claiming that the kids have been the subject of unfair conditions during the production of the show.

Radar Online reports that the Krieders told the court that the kids have been manipulated emotionally and have been denied their privacy, even when they are being potty trained without the parents present. They also report that the film crew needed a shot for Christmas and “the children were told it was Christmas Eve and Christmas morning when it wasn’t, so that the camera crew would capture genuine reactions. They were only told the truth after the filming ended. They were told they did it for the show. The children stated directly to us that they felt very confused and were upset over this event.”

We’re not sure who is right in this one.

To read more go to Radar Online.


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  • April 14, 2010 | Permalink |

    I only wish my parents had “exposed” and “emotionally manipulated” my siblings and I the way Jon & Kate have their children. Because of the TLC show, their children had more time and fun with their parents than the majority of children/parents in this world. How can anyone (JODI & KEVIN!) believe that the life they have now is normal or any better than the life they had while doing Jon & Kate Plus 8? Really! When the children grow up they will expose their aunt & uncle for the lies they told about their family. It was only jealousy, not concern, that provoked Jodi & Kevin’s horrendous actions against Kate. They need to realize the role they played in destroying their sister’s family.

  • April 14, 2010 | Permalink |

    Both Kevin and the green eyed monster he calls his wife should be hanging their heads in shame. I’m glad Kate finally spoke out tonight on Joy Behar and stated that the Kreiders have made hundreds of thousands of dollars off lies about their family. Jodi had her own kids on the show when she participated in J&K+8 and gleefully accompanied the family to television shows, trips, etc., and all was just fine then. She is a hipocrite. She certainly didn’t find anything wrong with anything until she wasn’t needed/wanted on the show any more. If they actually truly cared about the kids they certainly wouldn’t be grabbing every opportunity to make a fast buck with their lies and self-serving motives. Jodi’s sister mounted a huge campaign on the Internet and even created a website solely dedicated to nothing but hate for the Gosselins and actually had the audacity to set up a collection cup for ppl to make donations to Kevin and Jodi, absolutely disgusting. I hope nobody gives them attention and maybe they will just go away.

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