The Top Ten… SNL Turned Movie Stars

By Scott Feinberg
PLEASE NOTE: The list is limited to people who appeared on SNL long enough to become associated with the show in the popular imagination.

Therefore, people who had brief and uneventful tenures on the show before transitioning to films—Robert Downey, Jr. (1985-1986) and Ben Stiller (1989), for example—were not considered for inclusion.

See who made the top ten “SNL Turned Movie Stars” in the photo gallery below:

1. Eddie Murphy

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SNL Tenure: 1980-1984
Select Filmography: “48 Hrs.” (1982),
“Trading Places” (1983),
“Beverly Hills Cop” (1984),
“Coming to America” (1988),
“The Nutty Professor” (1996),
“Bowfinger” (1999),
“Shrek” (2001),
“Dreamgirls” (2006)

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