Exclusive Q and A with “Whale Wars'” Captain Paul Watson

Whale Wars is getting more and more notoriety for several reasons. Their cause, fighting against the Japanese slaughter of whales and dolphins, continues to gain public support through their show, and the efforts of Ric O’Barry (he was chronicled in the Oscar winning documentary The Cove). Also, South Park finally got around to making fun of Whale Wars and other ocean bound reality shows. That really means they’ve made it.

We got a chance to talk with Captain Paul Watson about the upcoming season of Whale Wars, which he was back from filming. He also shared his future plans for upcoming voyages in this exclusive interview. Whale Wars airs on Animal Planet.

Q: Are you between shooting or still on an ocean adventure?

Paul Watson: Oh, actually downtown L.A. right now. Our ship, Steve Irwin is heading towards New York and then we’ll be going from there over to protect tuna from the tuna poachers in the Mediterranean. We finished up on the Antarctic campaign in the beginning of March.

Q: Is that what we’ll see in the next season of Whale Wars?

PW: Yeah, so season three will start this summer. That was all filmed January, February and March.

Q: How did the latest journey go?

PW: Well, this is our most successful campaign ever. We actually saved more whales this year than they killed, 528 got saved and they killed 507. So we went down with three ships, came back with two. We lost one vessel so it’s a pretty dramatic season really because the confrontations are far more intense than any year before.

Q: That must make for really harrowing footage.

PW: Yeah, sometimes it looks like a World War II battle scene out there with about eight different ships going almost on collision courses with each other. They actually turned into one of our vessels and deliberately cut it in half and sunk it. That was quite dramatic and also quite interesting the fact that that captain on that Japanese boat hasn’t been questioned by anybody, by the Japanese, New Zealand or Australian authorities. I don’t know of any case in maritime history where a ship has hit another vessel deliberately or even accidentally and the guy’s not even questioned. We’re operating in a situation where there’s one law for them and one law for us and they have all the advantages. Still, we’re winning.

Q: When you know their tactics can be that deadly, how do you prepare life preservation precautions?

PW: Well, we have a medical doctor on board. We have a hospital room. We have all the safety rescue equipment and everything. We’re prepared for any kind of situation where people might be seriously injured.

Q: But they cut a boat in half!

PW: Yeah, it was a 78 foot fast patrol boat and fortunately, the entire crew were out on the back deck and they weren’t inside the ship at the time.

Q: I imagine you had other ships to pick them up. What if they got all your ships?

PW: Well, the other two are bigger ships. We’ve had collisions between our ships and their ships but the big ships, it’s not that bad. It’s pretty difficult to sink us but they deliberately took out that small fast boat.

Q: At this point since the show’s been on, do they expect you?

PW: Well, the problem is every year we’re costing them money. They’re $150 million in debt and subsidies to the Japanese government so they’re becoming more and more frustrated. The more frustrated they become, the more hostile they become. The situation does become dangerous because of that but we are winning though. That’s the good thing. They haven’t made a profit now for four years so that’s the kind of pressure that we have to keep on them is really speaking the language they understand, profit and losses. We’ve got to make sure the losses exceed their profits.

Q: That’s amazing for four years. How long do you think it will take to finally stop it?

PW: Oh, God, they’re being incredibly stubborn. I keep hoping that this will be the last year but it looks like we’re going to have to go back again next year. It’s almost like they’ve embraced this as their symbol of resistance against the west really. Now they’re accusing everybody of being racist and everything for opposing their whale hunt which is ridiculous because we oppose Norwegian and Icelandic and other whaling operations. We’re not too concerned about the race that’s involved. We’re concerned about the practice.

Q: Have you had to develop new strategies?

PW: Yeah, we have to keep coming up with new strategies and our strategies have to be designed to make sure that nobody’s injured. We’ve never injured anybody. We have to stay within the boundaries of the law and sometimes we try to make them funny. Like this year we actually shot crocodile eggs onto the ship. Not real ones, but ones from the Australian zoo that when they get wet, expand into crocodiles. We just thought that was an appropriate thing to fire from the Steve Irwin.

Q: What sort of conditions do you expect on the Mediterranean voyage?

PW: We’re going down into one of the most remote areas of the world so we’re certainly dealing with a lot of adverse weather conditions and weather conditions that can change from 20 minutes to the next 20 minutes completely the opposite. We’ve gotten quite used to dealing with that. We also have to deal with ice conditions. Sometimes they become extremely hazardous. The icebergs we’re not too concerned about. It’s the ice flows that can cause problems. A growler could rip open the hull so you’ve got to be very, very careful. And of course we have to deal with the aggressiveness of the Japanese whaling fleet.

Q: Speaking of aggressive, what did you think of the South Park spoof?

PW: Yeah, those guys over at South Park have no sense of humor because I wrote back a letter saying that I enjoyed the show. We printed up our own South Park T-shirts and said, “Hey, why don’t you sue us?” Apparently they didn’t find it very amusing.

Q: Really? I thought they were pretty cool with the people they rib.

PW: No, I read in an interview they said, “Oh yeah, they sent us a letter saying how much they liked it and sent us some T-shirts” but in their exact words “We still think they’re f***ing liars.” So as far as I’m concerned, the guys at South Park don’t have a sense of humor.

Q: What has the popularity of Whale Wars done for the industry of ocean faring vessels?

PW: Well, I think it’s certainly made our job easier, that is to protect biodiversity in the world’s oceans. More and more people are aware what’s going on because of that. Especially amongst young people, I get approached by children almost every day who see the show. That gives me a lot of encouragement because they’re very, very passionate about it. So it certainly has been good for the cause.

Q: As a veteran sailor, what do you still love about the voyages?

PW: Well, I’m really doing what I like to do, the two things that I like to do most in the world. One is to go to sea and the other one is to protect wildlife. So I get to combine both of them and we actually get to take our ships into the most remote and hostile areas in the world. So it’s certainly a challenge from a seamanship point of view and it’s a challenge from a conservation point of view also.

Q: Can you describe the thrill of being at sea?

PW: Well, one of the things that I enjoy about being at sea is really you’re in control of your own fate there. You’re not under the laws or boundaries of any government or bureaucracy and we’re subject to really having to make our own decisions. It’s like being on a spacecraft. Your life support system, everything, you’re in charge of and you can’t depend on anybody else. It’s an incredible sense of freedom really.


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  • April 19, 2010 | Permalink |

    if you look behind the fast patrol boat you can see the wake that the propeller from their boat is creating. They are clearly turning into the Jap boat, if they wanted to they only had to either speed past the the jap boat or simply turn away with the enigines at a quarter power to get away. With the crew of that boat all on deck, and their boat turning toward the whaler, it looks like the whole thing was staged. The shepherds are a bunch of liars, I used to support their cause, now I cannot if they resort to lies like that.

  • April 19, 2010 | Permalink |

    Hi Ryan,
    As a former Navy man I can tell you the reason you see a wake behind the Ady Gil is because the engine (even at a stop) is still running. This is done to save fuel (which they where low on). Starting a diesel uses a lot of fuel. For a large ship there would be no forward movement, But the Ady Gil had super huge engines on a small light craft. So even though the craft was “idling” it was still moving forward slowly. Also no one was (thankfully) inside to steer into the whaler ship or else they would have been killed.
    The only fault I can see at all is that Captain Bethune underestimated the lack of humanity of the Japanese Captain. But I find it hard to be critical of these brave men and woman that are the only ones in the entire world that are down there doing anything! Even if you do not approve!

    Blessings Rich

  • April 19, 2010 | Permalink |

    Well it looks like the South Park guys got it right because Paul is still lying. They don’t do anything about the whaling in Norway or Iceland and for that matter they don’t do anything about Japanese whaling in the North Pacific where they take endangered whales rather than the non-endangered Minkes they take in the Antarctic. Also although it isn’t a lie per say, how does Paul Watson know who has or hasn’t questioned the captain and crew of the Japanese vessel involved in the crash? I don’t think it is usual for an investigating agency to release details about an ongoing investigation.

  • April 19, 2010 | Permalink |

    Funny Ryan, You know Ryan i saw a picture of the vessel with the flag pointing the bow, How could that be possible when it was moving!? Simple the vessel was active but just staying still cause of the waves pushing it forward light boats get pushed around a lot, And the Bob Barker view clearly shows them turning into them, If so high sea articles law say any vessel on the right side starboard side which the Ady Gil was on has right away and the Shonan Maru # 2 on port side was suppose to stay out of the Ady Gil’s way, Experts even said the Shonan Maru # 2 is at fault, Ryan i can show you all of this out of proof or any one just E mail me at:

  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    The Japanese have never made a profit in their 22 years of whale research, in the JARPA I program their quota was less than 500 animals. According to Watson Japan lost between $75-$120 million this year because of their interference if that was true then how much did the Japanese lose in the 17 years of JARPA I when they took the same number of whales? BTW, how much profit is generated by cancer research? The $120 million short fall is for the entire multi-decade JARPA I & II programs. $120 million is a drop in the bucket for a rich nation like Japan there is no clamor in Japan over the use of this subsidy either.

    Being made fun of by South Park doesn’t mean you’ve “made it” South Park made fun of the North American Man Boy Love Association I don’t see their popularity rising. Watson tried to give South Park a BS environmental award for their efforts to sooth his pain. This is what Watson originally said about South Park’s “satire” until the creators set him straight in a Huffington post article.

    ” I have to say that being lampooned on South Park is hardly something to complain about. They spelt Sea Shepherd right and they brought the issue of the dolphin and whale slaughter by the Japanese to a very large audience. I could not really care less how I was portrayed personally, I’m in good company along with Tom Cruise and Sean Penn.””

    Animal Planet had a Whale Wars forum until Peter Bethune was arrested then they closed it down without much fanfare or warning. The SSCS just followed suit and closed their AU forum without notice with this message which is very similar to Animal Planets notice.

    “Hello fellow Ocean Warriors! Welcome to the Sea Shepherd Forums. We are sorry to inform you that, for a number of reasons, the boards have been taken off-line. We are reviewing our options and will make a formal announcement soon. We are all saddened and disappointed by this outcome and will hopefully resolve it soon.

    We thank you for your continued support and hope that we can count on your support in the future.

    Thanks, Forum Admin.”


    One of the main reasons they closed it down was because of the upcoming trial and the wealth of evidence it afforded the Japanese prosecutors. It also didn’t help that the SSCS has continuously tried to use WWII imagery to defame the Japanese people as a whole. Watson toned down his WWII rhetoric in your article but he spawned a lot of hatred on his forum by trying to equate Bethune with the plight of WWII prisoners in his blogs. There were SSCS forum members who were discussing the merits of kidnapping Japanese tourist to exchange for Bethune’s release along with synchronized butyric acid attacks against Japan embassies I bet that wouldn’t look good in court.

    The SSCS should have stayed in the shadows they screwed up big time when they decided to go mainstream because the media glare is pointing out Watson’s numerous lies and they are starting to catch up to him. Unfortunately for Paul he can’t erase his tracks just by removing his forum the internet will see to that. He has attracted a lot of unwanted attention since a few people realized he exists at first he welcomed it with bravado now he’s back peddling furiously like he’s riding off a cliff.

  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    If the Ady Gil was running out of fuel as they claim why were they traveling away from their refueling vessel the Bob Barker? The footage from the Bob Barker clearly shows the Ady Gil going in the wrong direction for a refueling rendezvous but it is going in a perfect direction for a staged publicity stunt. What a fortunate coincidence most of the crew was safely on the fantail lounging including the former captain.

    And I’m sorry seamen Reeves and Ben you can’t hide behind the collision regulations when you’ve spent the day deploying prop fouling devices and firing glass bottles with an air cannon to harass innocent shipping. I’m sure 16′ skiffs can run destroyers aground with a hail of starboard in your fantasy land but in the real world they get run down like dogs. Bethune killed a Guatemalan fisherman with his boat in 2007 so he knows damn well little boats need to pay attention around larger vessels. The New Zealand government agrees that Bethune is subject to prosecution I don’t see them trying to use the Ady Gil collision as an excuse for his actions.

  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    As brave and well-meaning as Sea Shepherd’s sailors may be, their actions are seen as an assault on the Japanese culture, and ironically, in saving the lives of 528 whales this season, they have further entrenched the Japanese government’s support for whaling. As such, they are hurting the very cause in which they so passionately believe. The only way to get Japan and the other two members of the ‘Whaling Axis of Evil’, Iceland and Norway, to stop this brutal practice is to reach out to the citizens of these countries and get them to work against whaling from within their own society. Please visit my blog: http://whaleanddolphintalk.blogspot.com/

  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    ddpalmer, stick to your cartoons son, this is real life. A big F you to all the Japanese supporters who will believe any from of Japanese BS they are given. If you thing that the SSCS crew deliberately rammed the CLEARLY oncoming Japanese ship, while they were on the deck of their own ship, then there is something wrong with you. If your reaction to the illegal slaughter of endangered mammals is to quote South Park, then you lack basic intelligence.
    All you Japanese supporters need to know, there is nothing you can do to stop Paul Watson and SSCS protecting whales. Nothing. So stick to your cartoons and sit on your lazy backsides.

  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    Funny Ben, you know those same ‘sea articles law’ says that EVERY ship is responsible for preventing collisions even if they have the right of way. So even though you are correct that the Ady Gil had the right of way they were still responsible to avoid the collision. And other experts even say the Ady Gil did not do all it could have to avoid the collision.


    “Although video footage of the collision existed, Mr Flynn said the testimony of the captains and those on board the two boats would be more important in determining whether any charges would be laid.

    He did not believe the video footage was conclusive. The case had the potential to drag on for some time. Mr Flynn said there was “no obvious jurisdiction” for a criminal case against either skipper, but collision regulations applied to all ocean areas. ”

    “Another legal expert with experience in maritime law, who asked not to be named, said Japanese whaling ships and protest vessels “goad each other, and both are often guilty of violating the rules”. “

  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    “And I’m sorry seamen Reeves and Ben you can’t hide behind the collision regulations when you’ve spent the day deploying prop fouling devices and firing glass bottles with an air cannon to harass innocent shipping.”

    Dear Sharon,

    Innocent shipping? The murder of these highly intelligent protected,endangered, sentient beings in a whale sanctuary is anything but innocence! If you do not understand that then there will never be anything I or anyone else can say on this matter to make you understand.

    Blessings Rich

  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    Thank you for you uninformed opinions Mr. Peanut.

    Oops, I mean Mr. Philips.

    The article discussed the South Park episode so it seems reasonable to discuss the South Park episode in the comments to the article. And I don’t see where anybody quoted from South Park. Maybe you don’t understand what that word means.

    Thank you for making the point that the Shonan Maru 2 was CLEARLY headed for the Ady Gil because that means that the Ady Gil CLEARLY had a legal obligation to avoid the oncoming vessel even though the Ady Gil had the right of way.

    I am not a Japanese supporter, I am a SSCS unsupporter. I detest any one or group that wraps themselves in a cloak of moral superiority and believe that gives them a right to break laws. The incident with the collision is the first time that I saw the Japanese whalers break any laws but virtually every video of the SSCS shows them breaking laws from assault to interfering with the safe operation of another vessel. The only reason they haven’t been charged with crimes and had their flag pulled is because western politicians are trying to keep the eco-nuts happy and get their votes but as the SSCS keeps ramping up their actions they will find that the protection they have enjoyed will evaporate. The governments involved, Australia New Zealand and the Netherlands, will reach a point where they can no longer turn a blind eye to the SSCSs actions. When that point is reached the SSCS will be wailing and gnashing their teeth while Paul Watson and the other major players rot in a jail cell.

    Heck even the US government is getting feed up with this ‘charity’ using donors money to attack legal whaling vessels belong to one of the US’s major trading partners. I hear the IRS has started sniffing around and the SSCS could lose their charity status.

    The worst thing that ever happened to the SSCS as a group was the show Whale Wars. It opened them to levels of scrutiny that had never been there before and lots of things that were best kept in the dark had bright TV lights shone upon them. Paul’s ego and bank account may have benefitted but the group and the whales will suffer.

  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    Sorry Richard Reeves but they aren’t protected, they aren’t in a sanctuary and highly intelligent is just unproven opinion.

    Are they intelligent and sentient? Yes but so are many other animals that humans eat. Neither quality has ever been a protection from being considered food.

  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    “innocent shipping? The murder of these highly intelligent protected,endangered, sentient beings in a whale sanctuary is anything but innocence! If you do not understand that then there will never be anything I or anyone else can say on this matter to make you understand”.

    Yes Seaman Reeves the Japanese research vessels are considered innocent because they conform to existing laws. The only country on the planet that claims they are breaking the law doesn’t have the balls to take them to court because they’ve been told by numerous legal experts that they have a good chance of losing their case because only 4 nations recognize Australia’s Antarctic claims.

    You can’t “murder” animals that is a term exclusive to humans but used by the irrational and emotional to try to garner concern with people who don’t own a dictionary. The only protections whales enjoy are the ones the IWC as a whole deems necessary. Article 8 of the convention is very clear on the matter of moratoriums and sanctuaries, look for yourself.

    (excerpt from IWC site)

    The IWC and Scientific Permits


    A major area of discussion in recent years has been the issuing of permits by member states for the killing of whales for scientific purposes. The use of such permits is not new. The right to issue them is enshrined in Article VIII of the 1946 Convention. Whilst member nations must submit proposals for review, in accordance with the Convention, it is the member nation that ultimately decides whether or not to issue a permit, and this right overrides any other Commission regulations including the moratorium and sanctuaries. Article VIII also requires that the animals be utilised once the scientific data have been collected.

    Prior to 1982, when it was agreed that a moratorium would come into effect in 1986, over 100 permits were issued by a number of governments including Canada, USA, USSR, South Africa and Japan.


    So according to the only internationally recognized arbiter of all things whaling the Japanese aren’t breaking any laws therefore they are considered innocent shipping by people who know the facts. The entire membership of the IWC agree the SSCS breaks the law with their tactics. They officially removed the SSCS’s observer status way back in the 1980’s for criminal activity and it has never been reinstated. Japan on the other hand has been an IWC member in good standing since the 1940’s.

    If whales are so smart why don’t they make it harder for the harpoon boats? They only run from the harpoon boats while those boats are faster than whales, whales are 100 times more maneuverable. Why don’t the whales just sound and swim under the boat and stay behind the ship to keep away from the harpoon? Whales can stop on a dime if you’ve ever been on a large vessel you know that it can’t. Even indigent hobo’s know not to try to outrun a train by staying on the tracks, whales aren’t any better than the fools on the Ady Gil at avoiding vessels. If dolphins are so smart why do they keep returning to places where people butcher them Japan is huge and Taji is very small. How do you drive “intelligent” animals to slaughter I thought that was how dumb herd animals act?

    Richard we all understand you are trying to use an emotional plea to sway us because the facts aren’t on your side. Lots of SSCS supporters do it, that is why they are failing so miserably. They can’t even keep their own tightly controlled forum up and running because of all the bad ideas it publicly generates.

  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    It’ would be very interesting, if you’d compared to German media and British about this issue.
    British, BBC invented “Whale Wars” TV show, and German made the TV program to raise campaign against Norwegian whaling in 1994. Paul was a hero for both, but conserns “the fact”, German was cruely fair to capture the fact, what’s truly going on. this pv is parody about Sea Shepherd, based on the German captures: http://bit.ly/aoW4Zr

  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    Sharon – “innocent shipping” you crack me up. Get a clue girlfriend. lol.

  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    @ kaciphiz – If anyone needs a clue it’s you. The Japanese aren’t defending their crew in a court of law neither has the Ady Gil’s flagging nation New Zealand placed any blame on Japan nor have they ever tried to used the collision to free the justly arrested Peter Bethune. Only a fool laughs at the facts.

  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    What a total embarrassing crock this interview is. Andew Paterson the author of Waltzing Matilda would turn in his grave if he knew his poem was used by this low life with no character or morals, just as Steve Irwin would do the same having his name on one of their donated ships. Watson is a liar . If only those who donate only knew the real truth behind this criminal and his criminal organisation. He will be long gone with his $millions when the unenlightened finally see the truth behind this con artist.

  • April 22, 2010 | Permalink |

    I see the usual whiners and whingers have followed with comments. One of the things I have been most impressed with is the number of critics and downright hostile folks who come to the defense of the whalers. Success breeds enemies and the more enemies we recruit, the more we know we are striking the right nerves. But hey it’s a free world and you are all entitled to your opinions even if most of the opinions aired above are short on fact and heavy on animosity. Since our clients are whales and other oceanic species, we don’t really care very much what some humans think about our activities. The bottom line is we don’t hurt anyone and we don’t break laws and we save lives. I’m feeling pretty damn good about saving the lives of 528 whales this last season and no amount of whining from the ranks of so called “experts” in cyber space can detract from this.

    As for the comment about Steve Irwin turning over in his grave because we named a ship after him – well Steve was a friend and a supporter and would have joined our crew if he had not died prematurely and Terri Irwin named the ship herself so I think that comment was really uncalled for, not that it matters. And as for Andrew Banjo Paterson, I have it in writing from one of his descendants that he would “have been proud” to have had his name associated with our campaign.

    I also think that when you are dealing with intelligent sentient creatures like whales that murder is an appropriate term but that of course is a question of opinion – not fact.

    The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has negated Japanese whaling profits for four years and this year we saved more whales from their harpoons than they slew so it was a successful mission.

    If people disagree, it matters not to us. We did not save any whales for people. We defended the whales for the whales and I don’t think we have any cetacean critics.

    So to all you naysayers, critics, whiners and pro whaling weirdos – blow it out your blowhole for it’s all hot air and has about as much influence with us as a fart in a windstorm.

    For the oceans and the whales

    Captain Paul Watson
    Master – The “Steve Irwin”
    Founder and President
    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


  • April 22, 2010 | Permalink |

    It is unbelievable the huge amount of lack in knowledge I’ve just read here. Ok kids time for a little lesson, 1) SSCS has never been convicted of a crime, 2) ICRwhale has been convicted in an Australian Federal court for violating it’s territory and illegally whaling. Further more Cpt. Pete Bethune acted fully with in his legal right under the maritime crimes act of 1999
    8 Extra-territorial jurisdiction in respect of crimes relating
    to ships
    (1) Section 4 applies in respect of acts or omissions that occur
    outside New Zealand if—
    (a) the act or omission occurs against or on board a ship
    that is navigating, or is scheduled to navigate, into or
    through or from the waters beyond the outer limits of
    the territorial sea of a country or the lateral limits of its
    territorial sea with adjacent countries; and
    (b) any of the following applies:
    (i) the ship is a New Zealand ship; or
    (ii) the alleged offender is a New Zealand citizen or
    a person ordinarily resident in New Zealand; or
    (iii) the alleged offender is present in New Zealand.
    (2) Regardless of subsection (1), section 4 applies in respect of
    acts or omissions that occur outside New Zealand if—
    (a) the act or omission occurs against or on board a ship
    that is within the territory of another country; and
    (b) the alleged offender is found in a country that is a party
    to the Rome Convention but is not the country where
    the act or omission occurred; and
    (c) either—
    (i) the ship is a New Zealand ship; or
    (ii) the alleged offender is a New Zealand citizen or
    a person ordinarily resident in New Zealand.”
    This gives Peter Bethune the legal right to board the SM#2 and perform a legal citizens arrest under NZ law which becomes incorporated in this situation.
    Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against the Safety of Maritime Navigation
    Article 8

    “1. The master of a ship of a State Party (the “flag State”) may deliver to the authorities of any other State Party (the “receiving State”) any person who he has reasonable grounds to believe has committed one of the offences set forth in article 3. ”
    Further more the law sides in the favor of Cpt. Peter Bethune who is currently illegally being detained in Japan according to the Green Political party stationed in both NZ and in Australia. This year SSCS has harmed no one, but it has been shown that even with ICR’s disregard of both human and whale life they have no regard for the truth when they released a media statement saying that SSCS burned them with butyric acid (of which there are no recorded incidents), this was later proven to be a lie by animal planet crew who recorded said whalers firing a substance possibly being pepper spray or fire extinguisher liquid which are both very hazardous in the case of skin and eye contact. It is unbelievably ignorant to say that whales aren’t intelligent because they’re being harpooned, why don’t you people just say Jews aren’t intelligent because they couldn’t keep themselves from being killed by Nazis, or that humans aren’t smart because they’ve been killed by animals. The fact is the minke whale is scared of the whaling vessel and it does not have eyes in the back of their heads, they are just trying to get away from this closing aggressor as fast as they can, but at this time with accelerated heart rate they would not be able to dive because they need to breathe frequently when traveling at an accelerated rate. On the subject of intelligence again whales have been proven highly intelligent this is not an opinion, they’ve been recorded and proven to have their own language possibly more advanced then our own being able to communicate hundreds of miles, they are one of the species of which there are only three: humans, great apes and cetacean(dolphins/whales) that contain spindle neurons a type of brain cell only found in creatures that are self aware(can estimate what is to happen and can recognize themselves in a mirror). SSCS is empowered by the World Charter for nature
    24. Each person has a duty to act in accordance with the provisions of the present Charter, acting individually, in association with others or through participation in the political process, each person shall strive to ensure that the objectives and requirements of the present Charter are met.
    They are also empowered by
    C. United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)

    UNCLOS imposes a duty on nations that have signed this treaty. First, they have a duty to conserve marine mammals. Second, they have a duty to follow the International Whaling Convention’s guidelines. The duty imposed by UNCLOS is thought to be stronger than the obligations imposed under the International Whaling Convention.

    Just food for thought

  • April 23, 2010 | Permalink |

    Mr. B you obviously need to go back to school.

    1) Paul Watson has been convicted of at least 3 crimes one of them being a felony and various other SSCS members have also been convicted of crimes 2) The Australian Federal Court case was a civil trial between the Humane Society International and Kyodo Senpaku Kaisha LTD, the ICR was not involved. Further more Mr. Peter Bethune could not have been acting under the Maritime Crimes Act of 1999 because that is a NZ law and doesn’t apply anywhere but NZ or NZ flagged vessels. Once he boarded the Shonan Maru 2 he was technically in Japan and the NZ law was not applicable.

    Oh this is rich; the Green Political Parties in NZ and Australia are now making legal decisions. Isn’t that what actual courts do not political parties?

    Since you decided to go there. Most Jews tried to avoid being killed by hiding, running or fighting back. Even deer learn to avoid areas with hunters. So why don’t these intelligent whales do the same?

    Whales have not been proven to be any more intelligent than other animals. Gophers also have their own language.

    SSCS is specifically NOT empowered by the UN World Charter for Nature and they know it. Paul Watson tried to use that when he was convicted of a felony. The judge and jury rejected his defense and he lost on appeal.

    The UN defers to the IWC in matters involving whales. So in the case of whales the IWC regulations are KNOWN to be stronger than the duty imposed UNCLOS. So since the Japanese follow the IWC regulations I guess they are following the law.

    It is interesting that you mention SUA, but you seem to have missed an important part.

    “Article 3
    1 Any person commits an offence if that person unlawfully and intentionally:

    (c) destroys a ship or causes damage to a ship or its cargo which is likely to endanger the safe navigation of that ship:or

    2 Any person also commits an offence if that person:
    (a) attempts to commit any of the offences set forth in paragraph 1; or

    A prop fouler would damage a ship and endanger its safe navigation. The SSCS not only admits but brags about their use of prop foulers, although they have never been successful. So who is in violation of the SUA?

    Just some Pepto Bismol to sooth your stomach after the previous food for thought.

  • May 4, 2010 | Permalink |

    The Japanese whalers are cowards of the highest order, who should be put on trial and imprisoned for crimes against nature. All those form the west who support the Japanese eco terrorism, get yourself to Japan where your foul mentality belongs.

  • May 4, 2010 | Permalink |

    Well thank you for the well thought out argument against whaling Mr Philips. Do you hate all Asians or just Japanese?

    With scientific and fact based arguments like that whaling will stop any day now.

  • June 3, 2010 | Permalink |

    what up dudes I real like your show, and I have an idea. You should have a box at the bottom of the helecopter that can release butaric acid by flipping a switch. GO WHALE WAR

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