IMAX tickets already on sale for some showings of “Eclipse”

By Kim Palacios

Think it’s too early to buy tickets for “Eclipse”?  Think again—especially if you want to see it in IMAX.  Whether you’re buying directly through your local theater, or through a mega-site like Fandango or Moviefone, in some places they’re already for sale.  So why should you be more vigilant about scoring tickets for “Eclipse” (moreso than you were about “Twilight” or “New Moon”)?  Because this release offers something unprecedented in the Twilight realm:  it has been formatted for viewing on IMAX.

I learned the difference the hard way, when I went to see “New Moon”, and shelled out more than twice the price for the IMAX ticket.  It turns out that seeing a film in an IMAX theater is different from seeing a film produced specifically for “The IMAX Experience”.  In the case of the former, a special lens is used with the projector to allow for a standard movie picture to be shown on the larger screen.  So, if you saw “Twilight” or “New Moon” in an IMAX theater, it was simply blown up to show a larger version of the original.  Films that are truly formatted for The IMAX Experience utilize special technology that allows the movie to be played on all planes of a semi-globular screen.  So this year’s much-awaited release of “Eclipse” will be an unprecedented event.

So, what’s the best way to get your ticket?  Check early, often, and in several different places.  Moviefone lists all available showings in the theaters nearest you (even if the theater nearest you with available tickets is 3,000 miles away).  Fandango won’t list showings outside of a prohibitive radius but will let you sign up for “fan alert” to get e-mails when tickets in your area become available.

I have always found the best luck buying directly from my local theater, which puts tickets on sale at the front desk weeks before they go on sale with the major distributors.  Some theaters even do advanced “first come, first served” numbering systems, letting people choose their seats in the order their tickets were purchased. If this is the case where you live, it will really pay off to be among the first in line.


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  • May 30, 2010 | Permalink |

    i really need to see this one i didn’t see twilight or new moon but i got them on DVD and they are awsome, i really need to know how much money for 1 or 2 tickets are .

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