Oprah Show releases “Eclipse” trailer online earlier than expected

By Kim Palacios

U.S. Twilight Saga fans have been counting down the hours until The Oprah Show airs on their local stations. Yet, this morning, a previously unseen high quality (HQ) “Eclipse” trailer became available on Oprah’s web site.


Earlier this week, I speculated on whether the new trailer would go far enough in teasing fans with foreshadowing what scenes and critical moments the film has in store. It didn’t go as far as I’d hoped but it’s markedly different from what we’ve seen before.

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Unlike the early official trailers, as which focused on the Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle and held the threat of Victoria and the Volturi farther in the background, the new clip is focused almost entirely on the upcoming battle and the newborn army. We do see a few of our staple characters—Alice foreshadowing the army’s arrival, Carlisle predicting an “ugly fight with lives lost”, Jacob remarking sardonically that, with the upcoming battle “at least [the wolves] get to kill some vampires”; but the majority of the visuals show places and things we’ve never seen. From pale, fierce faces rising out of the water to supernatural creatures charging toward one another in a frostbitten field, the high-speed action already evident in “Eclipse” may make “Twilight” and “New Moon” seem sleepy in comparison.

Nonetheless, fans will still be watching Oprah this afternoon, if for no other reason to catch interviews with Twilight-world guests including Dakota Fanning.

Also churning through the rumor mill today is a report that The Oprah Show will host even more Twilight Saga stars in May. Current buzz has fans anticipating a show including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Dakota Fanning on Pattinson’s birthday, May 13th. Stay tuned for official confirmation!

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