Is the Official Twilight Convention worth it?

By Kim Palacios As Twilight enters its fifth year of international fame, companies like Creation Entertainment (the coordinator of the only Official Twilight Convention) are only too happy to continue to profit. But as those who have been around the fandom awhile already know, the conventions themselves are changing.

“Last year, Rob and Kristen and lots of the other vamps were here—it was much smaller, and you could walk right up to them,” said one fan I met at the 2010 San Francisco Official Twilight Convention. “Now that Twilight’s gotten so big, [Rob and Kristen] don’t bother coming to these anymore.”

She may have a point. Though Kristen and Rob did show up at ComiCon in 2009, they have been conspicuously absent from other fan-driven events. Even recent events related to the “Eclipse” release—the world premiere of the trailer on Oprah and the live chat with fans about the upcoming film—were presided over by actors playing far less significant characters (Dakota Fanning, Nikki Reid, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Julia Jones).

Some cite security risks and busy filming schedules as culprits for the bigger stars’ scarcity. I won’t speculate on what’s keeping them away; but a look at the celebrity lineups for the next 10 Official Twilight Conventions confirms that the bigger stars simply aren’t coming.

That’s not to say it isn’t worth it to go—it all depends on who and what you’re longing to see. The season between the “New Moon” and “Eclipse” movies has been heavy with Peter Facinelli, select Volturi, and wolf pack actors (ex Taylor Lautner), with occasional appearances by Kellan Lutz, Justin Chon, and Michael Welch. My own favorite Twilight Saga actor is Peter Facinelli, so the convention worked out perfectly for me.

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  • April 26, 2010 | Permalink |

    The one fact that you are MAJORLY overlooking here is that actors appear at Comic Con as part of their MANDATORY contract to do PR for the film that they are on. Other conventions are entirely at their discretion.

    Secondly, you have done INCREDIBLY POOR research. Rob and Kristen have never appeared at a San Fransisco conventions. They have only done Comic Con or the mall tours which again are mandatory studio PR junkets.

  • April 26, 2010 | Permalink |


    Thanks for your comment. I did mention ComiCon in my article, and echoed your observation that the major stars do attend. As indicated by the title, this posting is primarily about Creation Entertainment’s “Official Twilight Convention” (used as a proper noun, since “Official Twilight Convention” is a trademarked brand), and whether fans should attend since the headliners do not. My research about which stars are scheduled to attend in the future comes directly from the source–the Creation Entertainment web site, which I link to in my article.

    In terms of my research on past Official Twilight Conventions, the article shows me quoting what a fan I met told me when I attended this year. Even if she was mistaken, it does not change the primary question posed by my article: does it appeal to most fans to attend a convention for a franchise that consistently fails to draw the principal actors to attend?

    Finally, I hope you didn’t misread the tone of my article. If you’ll notice, I concluded that, as a Peter Facinelli fan, I got what I wanted from the convention and recommended it to other fans.


    Kim Palacios
    Twilight Blogger

  • April 26, 2010 | Permalink |

    Ok so living in the UK and not getting any Twilight Conventions !!!

    I personnally think that you should be grateful that you have an event in the first place so that you can go meet other Twilght fans and Meet some of the stars.

    Somthing got to be better than nothing !!

  • May 12, 2010 | Permalink |

    I attended the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Convention in Nashville with my two daughters and we all had a delightful time, in fact it was all my two girls could talk about for weeks afterward. They got to meet the stars and their autographed photos are all over their room’s walls.
    It is great to share the excitement with the young ones, HIGHLY RECOMMEND these events for all.
    Lois Enos/Nashville Twi-Mom and proud of it!

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