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By Tracy Rosenfield The “Twilight” cast is a well-known (and large!) group of actors.  But in their “off” time, many of them use their celebrity to support charitable causes and help the greater good.  Below are some of the actors and the charitable causes they support.  If you know of any other charities these actors support, please leave a note in the comments and I will add it to the already large list!

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Anna Kendrick, Taylor Lautner Hope for Haiti

As you may have seen, Robert Pattison took time out from filming in London to speak to a world-wide audience during George Clooney’s “Hope for Haiti” telethon on January 22nd.

Kristen Stewart, unable to participate in the telethon due to her participation in Sundance, later scheduled a dinner at La Vida with proceeds going to the same organization.

Anna Kendrick and Taylor Lautner appeared on the “Hope for Haiti” telethon, answering phone calls to take donations for the event.

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner: Attended a “New Moon” benefit screening in Knoxville, TN, where the nearly $400,000 raised went to charities such as East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, Second Harvest, Boy Scouts of the Smokies, Imagination Library, and the American Heart Association.

Robert Pattinson: Aside from Hope for Haiti, Robert Pattinson has also raised money for amfAR cinema against AIDS by auctioning off his kisses!  He also signed a guitar which went up for auction and all proceeds went to The Midnight Mission.  Finally, Rob has donated some of his film costumes to be auctioned off, with all proceeds benefiting Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF)

Most recently, Rob and “Water for Elephants” announced that based on Rob’s March 2010 statement that his charity of choice is the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), will be supporting Robert Pattinson’s philanthropy by spreading the word via their website and encouraging readers to donate to WWF.

Kristen Stewart:  In addition to Hope for Haiti, Kristen Stewart participated in a Diabetes Walk event in late 2009.  She also participated in Sam Bradley’s “Gewa” charity concert which raised money for people in Tibet.  Kristen recently signed speakers, with proceeds benefiting Clothes off Our Backs.  There’s still 14 days left on this auction, so place your bids now!

Peter Facinelli:  PFach, as his fans call him, is one of the most active “Twilight” actors in the charity community.  He is an avid supporter of Alex’s Lemonade Stand, benefiting childhood cancer research.  Peter also supports the Christopher Reeve Foundation, which benefits research on spinal cord injury and paralysis.  Finally, Peter Facinelli plays Vampire Baseball, which served the American Red Cross and Hope for Haiti in 2010.  For more information on Vampire Baseball, see below.

Ashley Greene: Donate My Dress

This organization aims to “encourage girls to donate their prom and special occasion dresses to others who need them.”

Jeans for Teens:  Ashley participated in this organization which helped obtain jeans for teens who can’t afford them.

Christian Serratos: PETA

The title of this organization is pretty self explanatory – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  Christian recently posed for PETA posters (nudity warning) where she bared nearly all in opposition to wearing fur and also helped the campaign against seal slaughter.

Kellan Lutz:  Kellan also participates with PETA and the One Campaign which attempts to organize Americans to fight AIDS and global poverty.  Kellan also worked with Ashley Greene on the  Jeans for Teens campaign.

Jackson Rathbone: The Spencer Bell Legacy Project

This organization features a video directed by Jackson (his debut) and attempts to raise money for adrenal cancer.

Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone: Bono’s “One” campaign.  The “One” campaign fights against extreme poverty and global disease.

Peter Facinelli, Chaske Spencer, Tyson Houseman, Alex MerazVampire Baseball

Proceeds from this year’s Vampire Baseball went to the American Red Cross and Hope for Haiti Now, as well as to local organizations such as the 9th Ward Field of Dreams and the Blood Center.

Anna Kendrick: Feeding America

Anna Kendrick decorated a cute Easter egg this past April, with proceed benefiting Feeding America.

Rachelle Lefevre: For every 10,000 Twitter followers she gets (@rachellelefevre), Rachelle donates $100 to breast cancer research.  Additionally, Rachelle sometimes posts items to her charity auction on Ebay.

Billy Burke:  While Billy attended the Artists for Haiti benefit, he is also known for keeping a poker face while he plays at the tables for charity events.

Booboo Stewart: The Los Angeles Mission

Booboo has been spotted generously feeding the homeless for the Los Angeles Mission during his downtime and has stated how much he loves helping the organization.

Photo credit: MTV


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  • April 26, 2010 | Permalink |

    God, Robert , Taylor and Kristen have done the least. This guys are beyond belief in their selfishness! I can’t wait until Twi is over because America will come out of its trance and see these brats for what they are.
    Yeah Peter I hope your career skyrockets!

  • April 26, 2010 | Permalink |

    LUV Kstew and Rpattz…and they are helping out great causes

  • April 26, 2010 | Permalink |

    i loved watching rob at george clooney’s event, he is such a heartthrob

  • April 26, 2010 | Permalink |

    I would be interested in knowing what you have done or do. Every bit helps and all of these performers have done more than what is listed here. Self righteousness is ugly and self serving.

  • April 26, 2010 | Permalink |

    Update on Robert Pattinson which will be added shortly: Most recently, Rob and “Water for Elephants” announced that based on Rob’s March 2010 statement that his charity of choice is the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), will be supporting Robert Pattinson’s philanthropy by spreading the word via their website and encouraging readers to donate to WWF.

  • April 27, 2010 | Permalink |

    Rachelle made more than that! She donates blood and encourages people to do the same, she made a video for Adopt not buy campaign and thanks to twitter she tells about different associations who helps animals or raise money for helping fighting cancer. She is amazing, more than other actors form Twilight!!

  • April 27, 2010 | Permalink |

    Thank you for the update, Movie73 – much appreciated!!!

  • April 27, 2010 | Permalink |

    Robert Pattinson and other Twilight actors donated a memorabilia package to the I(heart)autism Gala auction at the Convention Center in Florida in April 2010.

  • April 27, 2010 | Permalink |

    Thanks for doing this piece. Just FYI, Kellan does a TON more stuff than this for the greater good. It sticks out in my mind because he was once asked what question he wished he was asked more often, and he said it was what charity work they do. He mentioned doing a couple of different things for kids who have been abused -a summer camp he attends, I think? I was impressed that it wasn’t a flashy, hollywood charity thing.

  • April 27, 2010 | Permalink |

    @Robin – thanks for the additional information!

    @Jenn- You are welcome. I am familiar with Kellan’s quote. Oddly enough, bc people don’t ask him that question to often, his info isn’t regularly out there! If we get a chance – we should ask him!

  • May 5, 2010 | Permalink |

    Kristen Stewart serves a member of the Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet.

    By signing some memorabelia she is helping raise funds for the West Hollywood Elementary School via their annual Auction.

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