Glee tonight: New relationships and deep drama!

By Fred Topel

Warning: Spoilers below

Tonight’s new episode of Glee finally starts moving the plot forward again. I’ve felt that the first two episodes after the long hiatus have done a lot of resetting and reiterating of relationship we already know. The episode “Home” finally moves things forward again and introduces some new relationships.

“Home” picks up where last week’s “The Power of Madonna” left off. Mercedes and Kurt have joined the Cheerios and they are in Sue Sylvester’s office getting abused. Cheerleading isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The episode deals with Sue’s weight requirements, a pretty relatable issue for anyone.

Kurt is also involved in a subplot with Finn. Kurt has set up his dad with Finn’s mom. This doesn’t work out as he hoped either because Finn bonds with his dad over sports. There are daddy issues, not the least of which are Finn’s, and really personal drama they get to explore. Kurt gets to sing about it, which turns into a duet with Finn, and some real tears too. There’s a great scene between Kurt and his dad where you sympathize with his dad. Yeah, it didn’t work out the way Kurt wanted but can’t his dad have any connections on his own level?

Kristin Chenoweth is back running a roller rink. She rocks a Bruce Springsteen tune with Will Schuester. She’s sassy and seductive and their episodic romance is sweet, but you just know it’s doomed because she’s only a guest star. This is where the title “Home” comes in because it deals with Schuester’s home. The other home in question is Finn’s.

The Mercedes storyline might be a little obvious, regarding weight issues and it’s okay to be the way you are. It plays out really well though. It’s nice to see such a self-assured character experience some self-doubt, and it gives Quinn a really deep moment with her new point of view on the Cheerio diet.

Supporting characters have plenty to do. Brittany has some of her best weird lines, especially the one about the cat. The cheerio with Down syndrome is so totally wrong, but so Sue.

All of these subplots deal with new storylines. They’re not undoing or resetting anything. They forward relationships between characters. Even if it’s not permanent, at least it’s dealing with things. The actors give powerful dramatic performances, even the recurring stars playing the parents. There are five songs, including three by Chenoweth, so that’s a full hour of entertainment right there.



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