Bret Michaels: Is the Media Ignoring Good News on Purpose?

By Roger Friedman

Bret Michaels is going to recover from his brain hemorrhage. But the media doesn’t seem much interested.

I am told by a source that Michaels will recover, that the recovery will take a few months and involve rehabilitation. He is not having seizures. He is not dying. He is not dead. He did not have surgery yesterday to relieve pressure on his brain.

These are the stories, however, that are getting attention. Reuters carried the right news last night, but no one picked it up. Instead, most of the searches about Michael turn up news that he’s critical and in peril.

“Because he went straight to the hospital, Bret got the proper treatment quickly,” says an insider.

Will he make it to the final episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” on May 23rd? It seems unlikely, but you never know. Don’t discount a last minute showing. Think of the drama!

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  • April 29, 2010 | Permalink |

    Bravo for this article, this is what I was looking for, the reason I think these media sites are looking for bad instead of good is because of the back story. The scary part is, most of them all ready have some what of a memorial set up for him and he isn’t dead. Bret is a true fighter and as a Poison fan of the last 24 years, I feel like I grew up with them in some way. Watching how they all changed. I have had people say well you don’t know him and never met him, so you shouldn’t care so much, but when you grow up with these people, you do some times feel in a way you do know them. You care about them like you care for your own family. Unfortunately at these times we hit reality a bit more and end up having updates once every day where the family are getting up dates on the hour or every two hours as Rikki Rockett (Drummer for Poison) said earlier to night in an interview. That’s okay and I can deal wtih that. But Bret is a fighter. He will not give up, and those who are with his persnoality and his will power do usually survive. I hope that is the case. There is a 50% chance in the next few days if something catastrophic happens that he could possibly loose his life, but the doctor’s are saying he’s doing better every day, and they are in constant care of the man, they know where and what he’s like, his vital signs are probably all ways monitored more often than not because of where the hemorrhage started. Hopefully on Tuesday we all will know fully what he is going through, how his treatment is going, and what life may be like for him once he does come out of these states. I can’t imagine how painful it is to have a headache constantly for 7 days now, and be sedated, having your family look down on you as you lay in a bed wondering what will be come of this person they love. But to have people make situations worse than they seem. I saw one where he had the set back of low sodium, one made it look like he was in such grave condition. It was said many times it was a common, and reversable set back and does not cause death, just seizures. And it isn’t known if he has had any. His website is trying to keep everyone up to date withe right information and people take that and twist it. It’s unfair to do to him and his family. I hope and pray they learn to report per word instead of report as they want to make it more sensational. Nothing is more important to Poison fans to see how he walks out of that hospital and we will be happy for him and his family. He may not be completely the same when he does recover, but he will be alive and he will be with his daughters who he is absolutely obsessed with, which is acceptable and his family who loves and cares for him. I absolutely wish him all the best as does anyone but hearing bad news is worse than hearing no news at all. Thank you for this article it means alot to me as a Poison fan and I’m sure it would mean alot to anyone that cares enough about one person. Hopefully this gets more attention and media starts to remind themselves to not use someone’s misery and heartache for sensationalism in the sake of journalism.

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