What will really happen in “Breaking Dawn”?

By Kim Palacios

It’s not a stupid question. Despite the book having been out for years, when it comes to the film rendition of “Breaking Dawn”, fans really don’t know what to expect. The schizophrenic choice of directors (Katherine Hardwicke, Chris Weitz, David Slade, Bill Condon—exactly one for each film in the series) has created an inconsistent interpretation character and story with each round.

But it’s not just the recent announcement of the fourth distinct director (rumors had swirled that “New Moon” director Chris Weitz may have been brought back) that has made fans more uneasy about “Breaking Dawn”. News of other conspicuous changes to key staff (for one, Stephenie Meyer as producer), and confirmation that screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg will still be on the job has fans unsure of what parts of the book will make it to the screen.

Though logic would dictate that the ubiquitous presence of a single writer would lend some much-needed consistency to the films, Rosenberg’s interpretation of the books has consistently come under fire. Flamed by fans as far back as “Twilight” for omitting what connoisseurs believed to be key scenes, Rosenberg has also been mocked for ad-libbing out-of-character lines that fans could not remember reading in the book(the “spider-monkey” line from “Twilight” is still ridiculed), though the “New Moon” screenplay was generally better-received.

Also adding to the uncertainty are unconfirmed rumors that “Breaking Dawn” will be shot in two installments—an eventuality that would have huge implications on the content and flow of the films.

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