Twilight character baby names: is it really a new trend?

By Kim Palacios Thinking of naming your baby after a “Twilight” character? Yahoo! News says you’re not alone. According to this week’s article, names used in the Twilight Saga, such as “Jacob” and “Isabella” have maintained popularity since the 2006 release of Stephenie Meyer’s first book.

Could this trend be a show of widespread support for Team Jacob? The answer is, most likely, no. The article admits that both “Isabella” and “Jacob” held spots near the top in the years preceding the release of Meyer’s books.

Logic also dictates that names such as “Jacob” and “Isabella” would be more popular than those of the Cullens. Jacob and Bella are written as “modern” figures (e.g., born in the 1990s), whereas the Cullens (with dated names such as “Alice”, “Rosalie”, and “Jasper”) reflect decades or centuries-old monikers that are no longer en vogue.

Along those lines, the name “Edward” has not risen much in popularity—in recent years it has climbed only eleven spots to number 137. The fact that it has risen at all could be a sign that Twilight mania is partially responsible for bringing it back into style.

The article’s most interesting insight is around the “Cullen” name, which has skyrocketed from number 782 to number 485. Though used as a surname by Meyer, the article reports that its popularity as a first name has seen the dawn of a new era.

Beyond the Yahoo!News article, other publications list additional names used by Meyer, which may be gaining favor. Modern books targeted to expectant parents (“Cool Names”, for one) assigns a hip factor to both “Emmett” and “Jasper”.

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