Cullen actor salary disputes to blame for “Breaking Dawn” delays?

By Kim Palacios For months, it has been rumored that Stephenie Meyer’s creative demands were the driving force behind delays in “Breaking Dawn”.

This morning news came forward that claimed that Cullen actor salary disputes are the major bottleneck holding up production, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s not who you might think. Though it is often lead actors who diva their way through salary negotiations, rumor has it that this time it’s some of the actors playing the Cullens. Specifically mentioned were Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz as actors who are pushing back on Summit, insisting they be better-compensated for a second installment of “Breaking Dawn”.

Speculation has been vast about any grievances ancillary actors may have with the compensation they were offered. A popular view is that, given the success of the Twilight franchise, they may feel nickel-and-dimed. In 2008, the Chicago Sun Times and other publications reported that Rob and Kristen’s salaries for “New Moon” skyrocketed to $12 Million apiece (up $10 Million from what each was paid for “Twilight”; the duo was also paid much more for “Eclipse”). While the principal actors’ salaries may have been scaled up in proportion to the success of the films, many believe that Summit is less willing to share its enormous profits with secondary actors.

There’s also the issue of competition: these actors may be able to command better salaries working on other projects. Most Twilight Saga actors’ careers have seen a boost since the release of the films; turning more lucrative projects down in order to shoot a poorly-paying film that may not create much incremental career benefit would not make sense.

If anything, walking away could raise the career profile of anyone who refuses to eat what Summit’s dishing up. Though they’re underrepresented in the films, the Emmett and Alice characters are well-loved in the books, and fans are likely to show their support.

Question: Should these secondary actors push back on Summit, or should they be happy with what they have?

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  • May 11, 2010 | Permalink |

    I am a major twilght saga fan! I totally understand where the Cullen kids are coming from wanting more more for Breaking Dawn. I would REALLY love to see all of the original Cullen’s back for the final movie. It just really wouldn’t be the same without all of them. So if the producers wouldn’t give me more money for Breakling Dawn then I would just deal with it and continue to do the last movie. I would want to finish what I started.

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