Desperate Housewives’ biggest, baddest villain is back

By FredTopel

Warning: Spoilers follow Desperate Housewives is bringing back its original villain, Paul Young, for next season. You’ll see him reappear in this year’s season finale to set up next year. Mark Moses teased his return to the show in between takes on the set of the movie And They’re Off. The horse racing comedy filmed on location at the Hollywood Park race track in Los Angeles.

“It has been kind of great and fortunately they’re going to ask me back for this upcoming season which is going to be kind of fun,” Moses said. “I get to return to my evil stomping grounds on Wisteria Lane so I’m looking forward to that. It was just fun to do that too. We didn’t really know what we were headed into and it just became a very big hit.”

Paul Young was the spouse of Mary Alice Young, whose suicide started the whole series. They never could quite get rid of Paul, to the point where he even bested a pair of thugs hired to murder him. He’ll be sticking around next year. “Oh, it’s going to be for all next season,” Moses said of his steady gig.

Sorry if this spoils the surprise of seeing Paul Young return, but Moses says we’re not the first ones to get the scoop. “The cat’s out of the bag, so to say. I was sworn to secrecy but then somebody leaked it so I can say anything I want now.”

Beyond this year’s appearance, even Moses is waiting to find out what Paul has up his sleeve. “I don’t know anything about that. I really don’t. I’m going to come back and probably cause trouble, or not, you know. I’ll move back in and then we’ll see what happens. We’ll just see if the fireworks get set off again.”

A big question on Wisteria Lane would be how much time has passed. Add the five years Desperate Housewives skipped into the future to the real time years since he last appeared and it could be a decade since we last saw Paul Young.

“It could be, so I’ll be looking fabulous. I’ll be looking younger than the 10 years that transpired because the women always look younger than the 10 years that transpired so I’ll probably follow along suit there.”

Moses tried to keep up with Desperate Housewives while he was off the show, but another major TV gig has taken up a lot of his time. “Well, I was doing some other stuff like Mad Men during the time so no, I didn’t watch it every week but I would always try to catch the finale of every year and write Marc [Cherry] a letter to tell him. It’s always a fun ending to the season.”

The return to Desperate Housewives does not rule out more Mad Men for Moses. Actually, he’ll be back in the ‘60s advertising drama too. “I’m going back to do that in a couple weeks so it’s a busy year and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed working, years ago on Desperate Housewives, but my last three years have been great. Mad Men’s been just a wonderful show to work on.”

The timing works out, since Mad Men airs in the summer and shoots during what would be the hiatus period for network shows. “They do summers. I never did them both at the same time. This year they may overlap.”

That would put Moses in good company with Mad Men costar John Slattery. Slattery played Gabby (Eva Longoria)’s love interest Victor Lang on Desperate Housewives when Mad Men first started.

“He did. In the first year, he was contracted to Desperate Housewives and then he went over to Mad Men. He’s terrific on Mad Men. He just does a great job on that show and I think he’s having a blast playing Roger.”

Mad Men has been underway for a few weeks without Moses. In the show’s ‘60s timeline, Moses expects to be midway through the decade by now. “They jump times more often. Desperate Housewives did it that once. [Mad Men] didn’t do it too much last year but they did it the year before and they’ll do it this year.”

Duck works for a rival ad firm, but has romantic ties to one of the key executives at Sterling Cooper, and now Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. “The last you saw Duck he was working for Grey Advertising and also seeing Peggy [Elisabeth Moss]. So I don’t know what’s in store because they always surprise me more than just about anybody. That’s one of the great things about the show. You just never know which way it’s going, which is what I enjoy.”

Desperate Housewives airs Sunday nights on ABC while Mad Men airs Sundays on AMC.


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