“House” Season Finale Preview

Warning: Spoilers follow

Hollywoodnews.com: Every episode of House is a new way for Dr. House to taunt his patients and colleagues in brilliant, hilarious ways. The season finale airing Monday, May 17 takes House to the next level, letting him loose in a big action disaster.

A building collapse calls House and Cuddy to the disaster scene to help the survivors with immediate medical attention. Already in action on the scene, House evaluates victims’ prospects and withholds treatment on the lost causes. It’s hard stuff but he’s right, as usual.

It’s a fabulous set, elaborate and really scary. It’s big budget Hollywood good and you really think any piece of it could come down at any moment. It’s so believable that when House crawls into the rubble, it feels so dangerous that you can’t believe he’s doing it. This is a guy who doesn’t like people anyway, although I guess he hates himself the most so it makes sense that he would risk it.

House also gets to play with the wreckage and the different obstacles and moral debates they entail. The action is bigger than ER’s best high concept episodes, and their worst too. This one is realistic and practical, not a blatant ploy for ratings.

The debate between House and Cuddy gets personal has they evaluate each other. House goes fishing for personal details and manipulates her as he always does. Arguing with the rescue workers is vintage house. House has always been awesome. Now he’s heroic like Bruce Willis telling the authorities what they really have to do to stop the terrorists.  There are no terrorists though, just EMT bureaucrats.

There’s still a case of the week here, two actually. House sends one guy back to Princeton Plainsboro so we can cut to the team conferring a few times. 13’s story gets furthered a little but no new developments for Taub or the others, or even Wilson really. That’ll have to wait until next year. There’s also the case House latches onto at the disaster site.

Interestingly, House is forced to relate to his patient too. Normally he avoids and provokes the patient while his team administers the actual doctoring. Confined to a deep, dark corner with a patient, it’s funny and deep. The episode deals with medical ethics more directly than usual. House’s practices are always sketchy, but usually remain an undercurrent. This is right out there.

Fox left off the final scene of the episode, so I’ll still be tuning in to see the final choice House makes. I don’t think it’s going to be much of a surprise. It could really only be one thing, otherwise it wouldn’t be something so shocking they had to leave it off the screener. More importantly, whatever House decides, it will be a profound journey that continues television’s most gripping series even after six years.

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  • May 19, 2010 | Permalink |

    Ok, I would like to know if anyone else thinks he was hullucinating. My argument:
    1. So was shw wearing that outfit when we last saw her. She wasnt was she?
    2. Why the hell was she all clean?
    2. She said she broke up with him implying that she went home broke up with him and just left, all in the time it took house to go from the hospital to his house?
    3. They were engaged, a breakup does not happen that fast, and then to say she took a shower and put more scrubs on.
    I don’t think so. Anyone feel the same?

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