Jonas Brothers Interview: Getting Personal

By Fred Topel The Jonas Brothers are top stars in the Disney family of musical actor artists. They have their TV show, Jonas, the movie sequel Camp Rock 2, concert tours and charity work. The fraternal trio met with the press to promote their work and give interviews with groups of reporters. Here’s a transcript of their interview.

Q: What’s been your most touching moment with a young fan?

Nick Jonas: Any chance I get to speak with young diabetics, as a diabetic myself I’ve had the opportunity to speak about it a couple times, it’s always encouraging. Just to know that being so open about something like that is received by young people who may feel alone in their struggles with diabetes and with other things in their life, that’s an encouraging thing.

Q: Have there been any personal stories that touched you?

Joe Jonas: I think we’ve gotten many stories back to us. I think some of our favorites are just the encouraging ones. We get inspired with a lot of the Make A Wish kids. We do a lot of work with Make a Wish. This past tour we were able to do almost I think it was close to 30 or 40 wishes were granted. For us, we’ve been able to do a lot and meet with them and hang out with them and do fun things but they inspire us. Right when we get kind of tired or exhausted, we see their faces and their smiles and what joy we bring them just by hanging out with them. That joy comes and reflects right back on us and we just want to go perform and have a great show after that.

Q: How do you keep up with your fans as they grow up?

Nick Jonas: I think we’re comfortable enough in our own skin and our own growth to do it with our fans, to grow with them and it’s been fun to be able to play these shows in some of our hometown places. We started in the east coast circuit playing small rock n’ roll clubs. To see that the fans that were there then are still there now and they’ve all gone off to college, I guess we would be too if we weren’t doing this, but we’re growing up and there’s no need to rush it. We’re enjoying what we’re doing and we’re seeing that it’s working so far.

Q: Where would you go to college if you could?

Nick Jonas: I visited Northwestern over this past summer. I’ve always wanted to go to school in Chicago.

Q: What would you major in?

Nick Jonas: English.

Q: And you guys?

Joe Jonas: Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.

Kevin Jonas: I really love being a musician.

Joe Jonas: I’m enjoying that. Until it doesn’t work out, then we’ll talk college.

Q: What did you think of the South Park spoof of your concerts?

Nick Jonas: I actually never watched it.

Joe Jonas: Neither did I.

Kevin Jonas: Nor did I.

Joe Jonas: So I can’t really comment on it other than obviously comedians make fun of people so they’re doing their job.

Nick Jonas: It’s an honor.

Joe Jonas: Yeah, it’s an honor.

Q: Have you reached out to Bret Michaels with his health issues?

Nick Jonas: I have not. I have not reached out to him yet.

Q: Have you watched Celebrity Apprentice?

All three: Actually, we just met Donald Trump yesterday.

Nick Jonas: I would love to do that show.

Kevin Jonas: Nick would rule that show.

Joe Jonas: He could win in one day.

Q: Why would he be so good at that show?

Kevin Jonas: Because he is going to be the president and he knows how to work it and he’s a team leader.

Joe Jonas: I feel like I’m not saying anything against the people that are on the show. I think a lot of them have amazing businesses, but Nick knows how to run a business and I think he would do a great job at it.

Nick Jonas: Thank you.

Q: What would get you excited if you did that show?

Kevin Jonas: Winning.

Nick Jonas: I don’t know, I think just the idea of a business minded competition sounds like fun.

Q: Who would be your dream costar?

Nick Jonas: Daniel Craig.

Joe Jonas: Daniel Craig.

Kevin Jonas: Daniel Craig.

Q: Wow, it’s unanimous. What is it about Daniel Craig?

Joe Jonas: Because he’s a strong example of what a man should be.

Nick Jonas: He’s pretty unbelievable. We actually just met him for the telethon for Haiti relief and it was our first time meeting him. We were all a bit star struck. He was incredible.

Joe Jonas: He’s 007, you know.

Q: I don’t think he took the purity pledge though.

Joe Jonas: Ha ha, that’s really funny.

Kevin Jonas: Did you?

Q: No.

Kevin Jonas: Oh cool, I’ll ask you about your sexual life next time.

Q: You are The Jonas Brothers as a group. What unique characteristics do you have individually?

Nick Jonas: I think that we all genuinely love what we do. We’re so blessed to have the opportunities that we have and for me personally, I think it’s just the sense of appreciation for our fans, for our family and for each other.

Kevin Jonas: Totally.

Q: What are your favorite Jonas family holiday traditions and New Year’s resolutions?

Kevin Jonas: I’m still working on this year’s. I think for us, I think our favorite Christmastime deal is when we put up the Christmas tree. Our family, we spend a lot of time doing that and it’s really, really neat.

Joe Jonas: I think for me, I just love being home and we have a tradition that we’ve done for years that’s we wear our pajamas inside out on Christmas Eve in hopes that it’ll snow. It’s a little superstitious thing that we’ve done.

Q: In California?

Kevin Jonas: Texas and New Jersey.

Joe Jonas: We have yet to have Christmas in California. This year, we’ve got to say, this year was successful. We woke up to snow on the ground in Texas and that was a big thing for Texas for sure.

Nick Jonas: My New Year’s resolution would be probably to continue my New Year’s resolution of this past year which is I quit all sodas which was a big step for me. I used to drink a lot of soda. It’s a good change for me I feel like.

Q: Have you broken that?

Nick Jonas: No, I didn’t break it. I’m on top of it still. It’s all good.



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  • May 16, 2010 | Permalink |

    i really wish joe would change his hair already and take off his glasses

  • May 16, 2010 | Permalink |

    I love the Jonas Brothers I think they are really cool everyday at school I have to talk about the Jonas Brothers or school would be boring , I would love to meet the jonas brothers it’s my life time dream and I hope it will come true one day .


  • May 16, 2010 | Permalink |

    I don’t care, and I’ll admit…I like these guys. They have likable personalities.
    Their music is isn’t as bad as people make it out to be, and I was impressed to find out that they actually write or co-write it themselves.
    And they can actually play instruments very well.

  • May 18, 2010 | Permalink |

    I love the jonas brothers and i think they are really successful and i hope they continue to make music!!! they make me so happy!!! =)

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