Wally Pfister – A Preview of “Inception”

By Bob Fisher

Hollywoodnews.com: Put “Inception” on your list of must see summer films. Cinematographer Wally Pfister, ASC teamed up with writer/ director Chris Nolan and producer Emma Thomas for the sixth time to create this imaginative and breathtaking adventure. Their collaborations began with Memento in 2000 when they were in the dawns of their careers. It was Nolan?s first turn at the helm on a long form feature. He earned an Oscar nomination for the script, and the DGA named him director of the year.

Pfister, Nolan and Thomas encored with “Inception.”
Their next three films, “Batman Begins,” “The Prestige” and “The Dark Knight”, resonated at the box office and with critics. Pfister earned three Oscar nominations in four years for those endeavors.

“Inception” takes it to the next level. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, a criminal mastermind who invents a way to invade people’s dreams and steal their most valuable secrets. It?s a global adventure with scenes staged in Tokyo, Morocco, Paris, London, Los Angeles and a ski slope in Calgary, Canada. There are times when gravity is suspended and characters walk on walls and ceilings with ultra-slow motion effects that transport audiences inside of dreams.

Image by Stephn Vaughan

Stay tuned: There is more to come in future blogs, including conversations with Pfister, Nolan and producer Emma Thomas.

Image by Melissa Moseley – DiCaprio
Image by Stephen Vaughan – DiCaprio, Levitt

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