Lady Gaga’s dancers forbidden to make hanky panky offstage OK, we knew Lady Gaga was eccentric, however, like a Pope bestowing an edict to his priests, the pop singer is enforcing that her dances take a vow of celibacy while on her Monster Ball tour.

More specifically they cannot have sex offstage. Why? Because her Poker Face highness wants them to save themselves for her stage antics.

A tour source has told U.K.’s Daily Star: “She has made it quite clear to all her dancers they are not allowed to have sex while the tour is still going.

“She won’t be happy if she finds out any of them have broken the rules and it’s likely they wouldn’t be asked back.

“She wants them to give 100% on stage so she doesn’t want them wasting energy on bedtime action.

“In saucy routines during the show she pretends to have sex with some of the dancers and wants these bits to look as real as possible.

“She’s a perfectionist and wants every aspect of the tour just right.”

Now, it’s common for boxers to abstain from sex, to build up tension prior to a fight. But abstaining to build up tension for Lady Gaga? If porn stars jumped on stage with Lady Gaga after a day on the set, it’s improbable that their moves would like fake on stage.

The paper’s source also added: “She’s told her dancers they are married to her so they need to fully commit to the tour in every way she requests.”


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  • May 23, 2010 | Permalink |

    how long is her tour for if all of her dancers ARE married to her? If’ it’s part of the tour not to have sex is Lady Gaga having any sex.

    Lady Gaga is smart and she’ knows about the music business. i believe it’s a really good decision and she should have every right to do what she wants ,if and when people are working for her.

    For any dancer, it’s easy to have a replacement!

    Sex is major factor when it comes to the sex industry. it can be smart to hold out and knowing the right moment to enjoy sex ,lol!

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