Tabloids run amok with rumors about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

By Kim Palacios Six months ago, most tabloids were devoid of Twilight stories, leaving fans bereft of juicy news and jonesing for a fix. Yet, in recent weeks, Twilight coverage in tabloid mags has returned with a biting vengeance—this time with headlines so ludicrous that savvy fans are speaking out.

Though most readers have come to expect some exaggeration from gossip rags, recent headlines have been so outlandish as to find some complaining that it’s been taken too far. The field day that ensued after the “Kristen is pregnant” joke on Oprah was expected (unsurprisingly, OK Magazine ran that very headline as a cover). Maybe Rob kind of asked for it, with that one. But what about all the others?

Recently criticized claims have come in two forms: the excessively misleading headline and the highly speculative claim. The former is exemplified in this week’s headline of OK Magazine, which reads “Exclusive: Rob’s Marriage Proposal”. A quick glance at the article itself clearly shows that no formal proposal ever happened. Rather, the magazine reports a monologue from Rob made in front of “Eclipse” cast and crew in which Rob made a broad swathing statement that he’d like to marry Kristen at some point in the future. If this were even true, it would be quite a stretch to call such an episode a proposal. Proposals tend to include rings, getting down on one knee, and requesting an answer from the proposee. Even OK Magazine admits that it included none of those.

Other licentious rumors include US Weekly’s unnamed “source” who gave the lone play-by-play of an “Eclipse” set argument between Kristen and Rob. The details were questionable to begin with and despite references to dozens of eye witnesses, it wasn’t independently corroborated anywhere else.

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  • May 23, 2010 | Permalink |

    OK…finally. someone thinks like me. people just need to quit spreading rumors about them just to get people to read your stuff. It isn’t right and i don’t see how some of those people can sleep at night knowing some or all of the things they said weren’t true. If Robert is with her, let them be so they can try to be a normal couple and be happy. If he’s not with her….let him be so he can enjoy some peace and quiet and be happy. Let them both live their lives. If you write a story about them, show some REAL proof, cuz very few peps, will believe you if you don’t. Peace out.

  • May 23, 2010 | Permalink |

    Ever since there have been celebrities, there has always been gossip columns. This is not a big surprise that, given the secretive nature of their “relationship”, tabloids are creating rumors. You know what, I don’t think anyone can understand what their life is like (unless you’re a movie star, but, it seems to me, things might get easier if they just give their fans a definitive “yes” or “no”.
    Everyone understands that they want their privacy-well, it’s not happening anytime soon. People are dying (and offering to pay) to know what’s going on between the two of them.
    I agree with the other commentor–If you write a story about them, show some REAL proof!

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