Saint Jessica Simpson and her ‘missionary’ reality show
“It’s similar to missionary work.”

That’s how Jessica Simpson, 29, couches her role on the VH1 reality show “The Price of Beauty” in which she explores different facets of other cultures’ definition of beauty. Many of the places she has visited have been in the third world as well as the tribal communities in Africa. She created the show with her father Joe Simpson, who is also a preacher.

“It was what I was called to do and called ot be,” a teary-eyed Simpson told a crowd while collecting a Gracie award, honoring women’s work in radio and TV in Beverly Hills.

“It’s changing my life, and that’s what it’s all about. We’re all women, we are strong and there is always a life to change, and you are powerful enough to do it!” exclaimed Simpson.

US Magazine was covering the event.

Simpson got the germ to reach out to the world when she was 13 at church camp. She regaled the audience with the story.

“I remember calling my parents on a pay phone and said ‘Dad? Mom? Guess what? I’ve been called into the ministry!’ And they were like…Are you sure you wanna take this on?’ And I was like ‘Sure, really! I know right now at this very moment I can change the world. Somehow.'”


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  • May 31, 2010 | Permalink |

    Jessica Simpson is full of herself. I can’t believe she is comparing the Price of Beauty to Missionary work. Missionary work is hard. People dig wells, build schools, work in hospitals, help feed the poor and hungry, give medical attention to the needy, and dig in fields to grow food. Jessica Simpson is a joke if she thinks her stupid reality show was missionary work. She is so conceited and arrogant to think that she helped women by being an airhead host. Jessica Simpson did Price of Beauty for money and money alone. Jessica’s show was more like a vacation for her and her dumb friends. I doubt they dug any wells or helped feed the poor and hungry. Price of Beauty is in no way missionary work, and I guess Simpson needs to think that she did missionary work in order to make herself feel better. As far as Jessica going into the ministry at 13, Not. I think she is lying. She and her father gave it up quickly for fame and money. What a minister.

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