Clay Aiken says being “gay is not news”

By Greg Hernandez I learned recently how a lot of Clay Aiken fans don’t like a big deal being made about their star being gay. I did a short item on his new tour and album and noted that they were his first since coming out publicly last year.

I got an earful from dozens of fans who feel strongly that Clay’s sexuality is irrelevant. An interview Clay did with Popeater makes you wonder if the singer himself sets this tone.

Clay was asked if he has fans who write in and talk to him to let him know that his coming out of the closet has helped them.

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  • June 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    Could you all just get over it???

    How many news articles are written about Adam Lambert or Elton JOhn about being gay???

    Aiken is an amazing singer and I for one would like to see someone expound on that rather than your homophobic musings.

  • June 10, 2010 | Permalink |

    @sunshinegirl um, I don’t think Greg is homophobic at all – that would be somewhat self loathing and he doesn’t strike me as the self loathing type.

    I actually have to agree with Aiken on this one – why in heavens name is someone’s sexuality news? Why does it need to be on a news scroll along with the top headlines of the day? Making it “news” makes it feel like it’s somehow abnormal and it’s very dehumanizing. It sets the gay community apart rather than including them with the “masses” (in quotes because I can’t think of a better word). Someday, and probably not in my lifetime, but someday being gay won’t be a headline because it just won’t matter. Society will stop judging people by who they love and will judge them by what they have to offer – whether it’s music, acting, art, politics, teaching, medicine, etc. When that day comes we will have made leaps toward equality.

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