Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner visit The Land Down Under

By Tracy Rosenfield As soon as Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner arrived in Sydney, their adventures began. Taking a boat ride around Sydney’s harbor, the co-stars seemed to enjoy their time together, pictures showing the two smiling and laughing (a few also showing Kristen not too happy with the paparazzi).

Stewart and Lautner also visited Sydney’s Featherdale Wildlife Park, which won an NSW Tourism Gold Award in 2009. At Featherdale, one can walk among wallabies and emus, feeding them food as they hop at your feet or snap at your hands.

Though they enjoyed the scenery, two of the three Twifecta weren’t there just for fun. Stewart and Lautner were there to promote their upcoming film, “Eclipse” opening in theaters on June 30th.

The Today Show Australia started the fan frenzy in the morning, talking about the two stars in the city and their planned Q&A session later that night at Luna Park. However, sometimes the fan frenzy can be so strong, people don’t differentiate between the actor and their character, as was the case with one of The Today Show anchors. He accidentally said “Jacob Black and Kristen Stewart are in town”.

Stewart and Lautner also did television and radio interviews throughout the day. One radio interview was with NovaFM where the interview started by Stewart complimenting the Aussies on what the hosts referred to as “Oz words”. When asked about her family, Kristen said she no longer has family in Australia, though her mother’s close friend lives there. She also once had said she would love to study in Australia, but has since decided to continue with her acting career. To the disappointment of the group, Kristen said she wouldn’t be studying in Oz any time soon, though she’d love to consider additional studies at some point.

When asked if they could take everything back – all the fame and work – would they give it up, Kristen said that she gets to do what she wants to do. It may “suck” for a few seconds when the paparazzi are around, but other than that everything is worth it to her Separately, the interviewer referenced Stewart’s early work in “Panic Room”, to which Stewart hilariously responded, “that was my little brother”, likely due to her tomboy look in the film. Taylor was asked what he thinks of the “cougar moms”, and he said that they ask him to take his shirt off or sign their underwear. But….he “loves our cougar moms”.

On a channel 10 television interview, Taylor admitted that the fandemonium has gotten significantly stronger with each “Twilight” movie. Stewart and Lautner also said that the pressure equally increases with each film for them to live up to the fans’ expectations of the books and characters.

At Luna Park, fans started lining up at 4:30am for an evening event, but this is the norm for events where Twi-cast appears. Kristen and Taylor were shown on a gigantic screen above the crowd so everyone had a chance to see them. Kristen said that no matter where she goes, she never gets used to the sound of large groups of fans screaming (as they were when she answered the question) and Taylor commented that he just wanted to thank the fans for being there to support the films. In addition to signing autographs for fans, Kristen and Taylor answered some fan questions. Stewart apparently admitted she was “Team Edward” and profusely apologized to Lautner while the fans screamed. She also mentioned she’s really into Alice’s character and thinks Ashley’s done a great job representing her.

Though a full video of the Q&A wasn’t available at press time, be on the lookout for one to be released shortly via YouTube or Twitter.

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    Than’s your article Tracy. Nice article

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    Brian, you are very welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!

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    Taylor and Kristen bring alot to the table.As an american I am soo proud of them. They have done an excellent job representing our country and summit and the twilight movies.Kristen is so beautiful she has a full life ahead of her and I hope she uses it because she has a gift. I wish her love and children and the best…

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