Today Australia Interviews Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart

By Tracy Rosenfield While on their press tour in Sydney for the upcoming release of “Eclipse”, Richard Wilkins of Today Australia had the opportunity to interview Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Stewart talked about her trip to Featherdale Wildlife Park and how she loved petting the baby dingoes so much, she might have taken one home with her. When asked about the non-stop rumors surrounding her co-star, Robert Pattinson, Stewart said “it’s funny to be one of those people because I grew up reading stuff like that,” and she believed it, though now she knows not to believe tabloids.

Most interesting about Stewart’s interview was her humbleness about playing Bella. Wilkins complimented her on her perfect portrayal of Bella and Stewart and responded by saying “anyone who loved ‘Twilight’ and was the age and is a female could have played Bella.” It’s doubtful that anyone fitting that description would capture the world as Stewart has.

When Taylor Lautner took the hot seat, Wilkins asked him if he and Robert Pattinson ever have “Team Jacob” and “Team Edward” competitions off-camera. Lautner responded by saying that they have fun with it, but he has such a tight bond with Pattinson that there’s no competition. When asked what the hardest part of making the film is, Lautner repeated his standard, but true, response, which is “living up to the expectations of the fans.” Given the number of “Team Jacob” fans at Luna Park on Sunday night, we can say safely Taylor isn’t disappointing too many people in Oz. Lautner also commented that his life has changed in every single way since filming began – he’s a lot busier and has a lot less privacy, but it’s all for the better. He said the past two years have been amazing.

Well, Taylor, you have at least another year and a half of “amazing” – and possibly more if “Breaking Dawn” becomes two films.

Wilkins finished his commentary on the interview by returning to Kristen Stewart and her spot-on portrayal of Bella, stating “She breaks the mold.” Yes, she does. In every possibly way.

Photo by Today Network.


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  • June 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    I must of read different books than you because I think she’s probably the worst actress I’ve seen. The conceit of this young girl, Kristen has only read the first book and she only read that after filming Eclipse. In every interview from the first movie to the recent interviews you can tell she doesn’t get the story.
    In one interview re Eclipse she says Bella is not as tortured she knows what she wants. Then she goes on to say it was weird for Bella to kiss Jacob. Hello, in the book she didn’t think it was weird and was tormented until the last page.
    If she doesn’t know the story shut up and comment on the weather.

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