Twilight’s Kristen Stewart: biting the hand that feeds her?

By Kim Palacios Kstew got bad press over Memorial Day weekend after flipping the bird to paparazzi from the balcony of a Sydney hotel. Bracing her cigarette carefully between strategically flattened lips, she freed both hands long enough to double the gesture. This behavior is no surprise to attentive fans who have been watching Kristen’s increasing hostility toward the paparazzi (which she has voiced more strongly than ever before in recent interviews with magazines including Flaunt and Elle). While fans agree that privacy should be her right and that the paparazzi would do well to treat all celebs more decently, the bird-flipping incident has some saying that this time Kristen’s taken things too far.

Wrote opinion editor Tim Brunero of Australian news site, “If you’re Kristen Stewart and you arrive in Sydney, a city ready to welcome you with open arms, it means you swear at photographers.” He makes a good point. Though Kristen continually asserts that her public reactions are too-harshly judged and misconstrued, it seems obvious what she meant when she gave the press not one, but both, middle fingers.

Still, the staunchest Kristen supporters have much to say in the star’s defense. Many blame the paparazzi for pushing her too far; others ask why Kristen should be the one to play fair when the paps don’t; others express pity at the inability of one so young to cope with such overwhelming attention.

Yet there is another group that says, for all the money she makes and career-building exposure she gains by remaining in the media spotlight, she should suck it up and figure out how to bear her fame with a bit more grace.

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  • June 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    So you’re saying the paparrazi is the hand that feeds her? WTF? Why so much hate toward Kristen?

  • June 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    K johnson – WTF is right so right. I swear the girl could give away a million dollars or give her house to someone and they’d find a way to make it into something negative. Like bad news is good news to them. They build you up and then take you down. She is patient and strong and seems to be focused. Just hope she’s strong enough not to let the paps get to her too much or it will drive her crazy.

    Hate to see such a gorgeous creature end up like Britney or Lindsey.

  • June 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    Who says paparazzi photographers are press? When has she ever been rude during a press conference?, this is why these events are scheduled.
    It is completely rude to take pics from the street when she is enjoying her time in the “privacy'” of her hotel room, which also includes her balcony.
    She doesn’t owe them anything, they very well deserved her response, she was being accosted and she replied to it in a very appropriate manner in my opinion.

  • June 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    Why won’t Kristen Stewart just stop acting and leave Hollywood if the Paparazzi is so bad? I am sick and tired of the elite whiners being such cry babies. Either get a back-bone or get out of show business!

  • June 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    “PRESS”? Are you calling those rabid stalker paparazzi photogs “PRESS”? You sure you want to do that? Include them with the likes of yourself, other journalists and news reporters? And if you ARE including paparazzi photogs, are you saying that YOU are the reason why Kristen is famous? Pretty gross generalizations. This girl does not appear to seek fame in any way, shape or form, but instead to be a person who is grateful to work for the love of her craft. I don’t understand the hate towards this 20 year old GIRL…Not in the age of Paris, Britney and LiLo.

  • June 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    First of all, the paparazzi is not the hand that feeds her!! She gets paid to act not get her picture taken by these grown men who probably find it fun to stalk a 20 year old girl 24/7. If she felt like flipping them off, well I can’t say that I disagree with her. When any of you people pay her bills and support her then you can tell her exactly how you want her to act in public but until any of you people do oh well. She is going to do whatever the hell she wants to do and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Seems like normal behavior considering she is just 20 years old and I can guarantee that most 20 year olds act similar to this. Get over it and focus on your own lives.

  • June 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    Uh, HOW IN THE HELL IS THE PAPS “THE HAND THAT FEEDS HER?” Excuse me but the paps didn’t make Kristen a STAR! That’s bullsh*t! Kristen starred in many films with Hollywood A-listers. The fans of the Twilight books made the films popular thus making all of the actors stars. The Hollywood media had nothing to do with making them stars. WE DID…THE FANS!!! You all were busy slamming the franchise. Calling it a “tween thing”. We love Kristen because we were there with her from the beginning. And we will defend her until the sun stops shinning.

    You so-called Hollywood types have lost your effing minds if you think you all built her career. She didn’t need cameras following her around to make her a star. The critics panned Twilight. So none of you had anything to do with her being in the position she is today. IT’S BECAUSE OF US!! THE FANS!! WE WE’RE FLIPPING YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO BLOGS AND POSTS THOSE FRIGG’IN INTRUSIVE PICS OF HER THE BIRD!!!

    She just traveled half way around the world, tired and just wanted to see the sites of Sydney and then you VULTURES are following her around trying to make money off of her image when she’s not even working! She wasn’t sitting at a press table or at a junket taking pictures. She was walking the street in Sydney to get on a frigg’in boat ride!! LEAVE HER THE H EL L ALONE AND SHE WON’T CUSS YOUR A$$ OUT!! SHE DIDN’T NEED YOU TO BUILD HER CAREER SHE’S ALWAYS HAD A CAREER AND WAS DOING WELL BEFORE YOU HACKS CAME ALONG AND STARTED INVADING HER PRIVACY.


    Not to mention, those frigg’in Aussie rags had the nerve to post a picture of her on the front of one of their rags lying and saying that she was PREGNANT!! WTF WAS THAT?! She has a right to be angry.

    THE PAPS ARE WRONG…DEAD WRONG!! Leave her alone. You’re not making her career. You’re making her miserable!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!! I’ll say it again…LEAVE HER THE F * CK ALONE!!

    None of you had a HAND in her success. The fans made Twilight a success. You’re trying to make money using her image. That’s all. And I’ll flip you all the bird too!! SIT AND SPIN ON IT WHILE YOU’RE AT IT!

  • June 1, 2010 | Permalink |


    Thanks for your comments! A few things:

    1) I am not a member of the paparazzi, and if you take a look back at the article you will see that rather than taking a personal position, I comment on the views of both sides. My earlier article about Twilight “fandemonium” (in which I do weigh in with my personal opinion) states my belief that Kristen and all celebs deserve to be left alone. That article is here: I also wrote an article about tabloids run amok with rumors about the Twi-stars, which is also a pretty damning commentary on the regard I hold for the paparazzi. It is here:

    2) The paparazzi may not be the hand that feeds her, but they are indisputably a huge part of a system that supports her career. People Magazine is a gossip rag; Rob was just named among People’s 100 Most Beautiful people. If you don’t think that helps his career, you’re mistaken. Summit Entertainment and other official entities often leak breaking news not to journalistic entities, but to gossip rags. A final example: Kristen and Rob joked on Oprah that Kristen was pregnant, which OK Magazine immediately ran (as fact) on its cover. True or not, publicity like that generates more buzz about celebs. Buzz translates to star power. Star power translates to the ability to cherry-pick projects and command even heftier multi-million dollar salaries.

    3) Yes, Kristen (and all celebs) deserve their privacy, but it is fair to call Kristen’s actions into question. If you really want the paparazzi to leave you alone, why would you do something (like give them the finger, or joke that you are pregnant on the biggest television show in the world) which only gives them more fodder? I don’t question Kristen’s right not to be treated like she is being treated–I am simply pointing to what some are saying and bringing up some inconsistencies in her reaction.

    As always, thanks for reading!

    Kim Palacios
    Twilight Blogger – Hollywood News

  • June 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    Kim you’re clueless or just dumb. Let’s set the record straight: Kristen has been acting for about 10 or 11 years. She’s been in box office movies such as “Panic Room” and critically claimed movies such as “Into the Wild”. THE PAPS HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH HER CAREER!! IDIOT!!


    This is how I’ll make your stupid argument look idiotic: When she’s in LA, she and Rob go places where the paps aren’t around…DUH!!! SHE DOESN’T NEED THEM!! They just spent a long weekend before he began filming Water for Elephants in the Newport Beach area. The only reason why we knew was because some idiot who said he didn’t even know who they were reported it on his facebook page. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have known.

    Neither one of them hang out at any paps spots i.e. West Hollywood. They try to avoid the paps as much as possible. If she wanted her picture taken by the paps so much, how come we never know when she’s visiting Rob overseas until she’s on her way back home? You never see her leave. Again, DUH!! So what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. She’s not looking to be filmed by them. She’s done just fine in her career without the frigg’in paps and she’ s going to to well without them.

    Did you see these photos?
    She looks scared sh*tless. You think she’s asking for that?! This is what she wants?! She’s being attacked!! She’s being pulled by the arm by her security guards! WTF?!!

    The paps are only good for people who want to be in the press…THAT’S ALL! The paps don’t make careers. Heck, Al Pacino’s career wasn’t made because he had paps following him; Robert DeNiro’s career wasn’t made because he had paps following him…these are great actors. Being a good or great actor makes your career.

    Kristen Stewart has a mother and father who are in the business. Kristen has been acting since she was 11 or earlier. She’s never needed the paps to get the roles she’s gotten. She’s not Paris Hilton or the Kardashians…she’s Kristen “F*cking” Stewart. She’s an “ACTRESS” AND NOT SOME PUBLICITY HOUND!!

    She does her job to promote her films in front of the “real press” and that’s all she has to do. She doesn’t try to be seen by the paps or photographed by them. All they do is sell pictures of her shopping at a store to the rags to make themselves rich. She’s doesn’t seek them and don’t want them so LEAVE HER ALONE!! HER CAREER WAS DOING JUST FINE WITHOUT THE VULTURES!!

    My rant is done. Those pics at the Sydney airport speaks for themselves. The paps are frigg’in vultures…no good low life scum. Twilight fans didn’t make her a star, she was already that, just made her more well known. You Hollywood types were dissing Twilight. Called it and the actors in the film all kind of names. Now that you see they have a dedicated fan base that loves them dearly, you all are trying to take advantage of it when you never believed in the project (don’t let me have to pull out the Rotten Tomato reviews as proof).

    All you blog leaches and paps want to do is make money off of them, THAT’S ALL. You’re so-called reasoning is delusional at best and the pics contradict your argument. What happened to her in that airport is not making her a star. She’s already a star and don’t forget it and the paps have nothing…NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!

  • June 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    Oh and just to debunk the points you just made:

    1. I never read your article about the paps but I shall. Still doesn’t make your argument or current blog topic make any sense.

    2. The paps does not support her career. People Magazine did not make Robert Pattinson nor Kristen Stewart famous. Again, you don’t understand the business you’re in. People Magazine is taking advantage of Rob and Kristen’s fan base. They are fully aware that if they write a positive article about either one, their magazine will get sold. You forgot that when People put that false article w/Rob on the front about his love life, they were ripped to shreds by the Twilight fans. And guess what, since then, People hasn’t written a bad or wrong article about Rob or Kristen since. Yes, they’ll put Rob in their polls not to advance his career but to SELL MAGAZINES…DUH!!

    Are you that gullible to believe that People is actually making Rob and Kristen’s careers, they’re using their image to sell magazines that’s all. If anything Twilight fans have shown tremendous clout and strength that if People dares to step out of line and print anything bad about Rob or Kristen, they’ll have hell to pay because Twilight fans are going to mass against them. They’ve already witness the power of their fans with that stupid article. And haven’t dared to do it again since. So, Twilight fans will buy their magazine as long as they aren’t trying to be a rag.

    So you’re People argument is moot. People didn’t and doesn’t make or break Rob and Kristen’s careers. If anything, People had better watch what they write about them or they’ll meet the Twihard wrath. It’s been done before.

    Rob nor Kristen controls Summit’s PR. They do what they do. If Summit drops People a story, WTF, it’s certainly not for Rob or Kristen’s benefit, it’s for Summits!! How stupid can you be.

    As for the “pregnancy comment”. Did you actually watch the Oprah show or did you not comprehend what was going on? Oprah asked them the “dating question”. So instead of them answering…Rob being Rob just blurted that Kristen’s pregnant to deflect the question. Kristen correctly explained that Rob sometimes says things just to shock i.e. “I don’t like vaginas”.

    As anyone can see, the deflection worked (not as a publicity stunt or for shock value). Oprah moved on and they never answered. So how on earth do you get from them deflecting the “dating” question to they wanting to say things to get publicity? If they really wanted publicity guess what? THEY WOULD HAVE ANSWERED THE DAMN QUESTION!! DUH.

    3. I beg your pardon when you say “she’s asking for it”. She’s seeking publicity because she deflected the “are you dating” question by not her saying it but Rob said she was pregnant. Why are you blaming her for something Rob said? And again, she would have received a hell of a lot more publicity by answering the damn question then not.

    Also, you’re not with Kristen when she’s surrounded at a gas station pumping gas into her car when there are about 20 strange men yelling things at her to get a reaction; you weren’t with her in Vancouver when she and Rob walked out of the restaurant to be surrounded by paps trying to get into a cab having a ignorant fool call her a “bitch” just because she wouldn’t look up for the paps camera; or you weren’t with her as she and Rob were being chased into their hotel with a camera wielding fool up to the elevator where he (paps) continued to film them as they waited with their backs turned away from him (yeah publicity seeking) as they get on until the doors closed.

    All of these examples of the publicity seeking, as you’ve stated, as well as other examples of Rob and Kristen being chased and hounded by the paps i.e. in Budapest airport, at the Budapest McDonalds, throughout Vancouver while filming New Moon and Eclipse etc… can be seen on YouTube. Funny how that works isn’t it.

    Next time you want to try and argue that they’re seeking publicity, let’s let their actions speak louder than their words. They can tell a frigg’in joke. Just because some tabloid idiot wants to make money off of it doesn’t make them the publicity seekers. They’re not seeking it. If anything, they’re hiding from it. And they do a pretty good job until it’s time for them to come out to do a promotion or a job of some sort. Otherwise, you don’t hear a peep from neither of them. PAPS, LEAVE THEM ALONE!! HERE’S A BIRD FOR YOU SO SIT AND SPIN ON IT AND LEAVE KRISTEN ALONE!!

  • June 2, 2010 | Permalink |

    That’s all she ever talks about is the paparazzi. She’s obsessed with them. Every job has a bad aspect to it, hers happens to be some idiots taking pictures. In return she gets to work with amazing people travel the world and make millions of dollars. More gratefulness should come from her lips, and less complaining. Because that’s all she’s known for right now. The complaining.

  • June 2, 2010 | Permalink |

    Damn. What No Hand said.

  • June 2, 2010 | Permalink |

    KP – you’re a tool. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought that. Rob was one of People magazines Hottest 100 (or whatever) BECAUSE of his career. He wasn’t just sitting in a tree when they came along and put him in their crapazine. Der.

    KStew and the double-finger bird is the best thing I’ve ever seen, while the photos of her at the airport this morning are one of the worst. Absolutely broke my heart.

    I can’t say it better than No Hand (who, btw, is my new hero) so I wont try. The debacle that occured at Sydney airport this morning should be enough to make all the haters who bleat on about her having an issue with the paps STFU. That that happened is just fucking ridiculous. She is a human being, she is someone’s daughter, sister and friend. She’s 20 fucking years old. And yet you argue, because she is in movies, that grown men are allowed to get physical around her with no regard what so ever for her safety. In essense then, you are saying that because of her job, she forgoes a basic human right no to be assaulted? And by men more than twice her size too. What. The. Fuck.

    KP – are you really a ‘twilight blogger’??!! Thats a damn shame. Not surprising tho. Did Scummit hire you? They have about as much respect for the MAIN STAR OF THEIR FRANCHISE as you do.

    You are all that is wrong with the internet. You have the intellect of a puss riddled scab (and the appeal of one) yet you have this forum to spew forth your shite. Shame on you.

  • June 2, 2010 | Permalink |

    she compared it to being raped …. WTF … she’s just bitter and has a permanent stick up her ass. It comes with being a celebrity so deal with it or get out of the industry. She’s the ONLY twlight cast member that does this …. not even shy rob acts like she does. She’s the most ungrateful actress ever, if we can call her an actress.

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