Tiger Woods’ wife wants full custody of two children

HollywoodNews.com: Tiger Woods’ wife has already planned another trip to China, and it looks like she’s been using her time away from Tiger to figure out what action she wants to take.

Elin Nordegren has finally decided that she wants to go for full custody of their two children, reports Radar Online. Tiger has voiced that he wants to be a part of their life, but Elin has decided she doesn’t want to do a joint custody. A source told them, “Elin used to go to Tiger’s house but doesn’t anymore. And she has her people communicate with him so she doesn’t have to.” Another source added, “Elin isn’t saying that she’s moving to Sweden but she does want full custody now. She has changed a lot since Tiger’s cheating was discovered and since he returned to golf, she’s distanced herself from him.”

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  • June 3, 2010 | Permalink |

    Elin should have full custody of the children and Tiger visitations only. Tiger Woods has serious emotional and character issues. Tiger did not seem to want his children. He told his mistresses that Elin’s pregnancies stressed him out. He showed careless disregard for the health and life of his wife and unborn children by having unprotected sex with promiscuous partners, potentially exposing them to STD, HIV, hepatitis, and herpes. Some of these conditions can be dormant and could take years to show. Tiger disrespected his wife and children by bringing his mistresses to the family home for sexual activity. Tiger has been basically an absentee father. There seems to be very little evidence of his involvement with the children’s day to day activities when he was home. It has been reported that Tiger has missed important milestone of his children life, such as his daughter’s christening and his son’s first birthday and first steps. All the time that Tiger spent with his mistresses was time that he deprived his children of his presence an attention. Tiger even texted his mistresses while “on daddy duty”. Tiger appears to have used his children only to gain the favor of sponsors and fans.

  • June 3, 2010 | Permalink |

    Elin should give up custody of the kids. It’s obvious Elin create a bitter atmosphere for the children with her animosity towards her husband. Her attitude is even worse than the effect Tiger has on his kids for his sexual misconduct. The kids do sense the negativity. Tiger might be a philanderer but that doesn’t make him a bad father. If Elin has already made her decision to divorce, then it is not worth it for Tiger to waste time on her anyway. Tiger should move on and get back his career. Why let such a negative person like Elin put you down? Why does she take a long time to work out the divorce? Just file and move on. Elin should stop torturing Tiger by prolonging the process. Kill the uncertainty and the repeated useless rumors.

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