Tim Roth Interview – Lie to Me’s Third Season Mysteries

HollywoodNews.com: Everyone’s favorite human lie detector is back. Lie to Me returns for its third season airing over the summer. Tim Roth is Cal Lightman, facing tougher liars than ever and getting physical. Roth spoke with the media in a conference call. Here’s what he revealed about upcoming episodes. Lie to Me airs Mondays this summer on Fox, starting June 7.

Q: How do those Fight Club style promos reflect what’s happening this season?

Tim Roth: Actually, we did one where Lightman goes along to illegal underground fights, that kind of world, gets involved with that. While we were there we shot a promo which we thought was kind of funny and then they stuck with it. I quite like it. It looks to me like Lightman should get bashed up a lot. I don’t think he’d survive without that.

Q: So that’s coming up later?

TR: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s actually a very good episode.

Q: What other cool episodes are coming up?

TR: Well, I think the overall thing is that we’ll be looking at Foster and Lightman’s relationship a bit. We look at how they met which is a fun thing that we do. There’s my relationship with my ex-wife, also with my daughter. The daughter starts to feature more and more heavily. She’s such a good character and the actress is so very good, we’ve been writing to that. The cases get strange and a little bit more adrenaline floating around this season I think.

Q: So we’re going to see more the romance between Cal and Gillian?

TR: Yeah, in the second season you do. There’s a boyfriend that rolls up for her and there’s the odd fling for me in the second season but in the third, they’re actually sitting down to determine how the characters are going to progress right now. I’ll find out before you guys do.

Q: Jennifer Beals has a new show now, but did you leave the door open for her to come back as Cal’s ex-wife?

TR: Oh yeah.  Yeah, definitely. I don’t know how they quite handle things like that to be honest with you. This is fairly new to me, the television thing but I know that that door is always going to be left open. So there’ll be discussion about her when she’s absent, and maybe she can come back and do something or other. I imagine, I think she’s the #2 on the call sheet up there. I think she’s quite busy. She’s terrific.

Q: In the first new episode, Cal really takes a leap with the college student he suspects. Why do you think he puts himself out so far?

TR: I think he sees it. I mean, I think he sees it immediately. Lightman does see this, but he’s in the unfortunate position of having had an affair with the professor who’s also having an affair with the guy he doesn’t trust. Then Foster thinks it’s just a jealousy issue.

Q: Of course he’s right, but does it ever occur to him that he could be wrong?

TR: It does and we have one, we have an interesting episode where he is wrong and I think we should do that more, by the way. That’s something we’re going to talk about. The thing is, if someone’s lying, yes, you can be right about that but why they’re lying, you can be completely wrong about that. And he is wrong quite often about that.

Q: Do you know how the season is going to end when you start out?

TR: We had been talking about the third season already, because I’m very close to the two guys who are running the show now, two writers. We’d been talking about what we would like and different ideas and so forth. I am meeting with them next week and they’re going to pitch stories to me and see what my feelings are. I do stay fairly close to what’s going on. I do know what’s going on but usually, at the beginning of the season, I’ll know pretty much where he’s ending up.

Q: How are the new show runners fitting in and what’s going to be different with them running things?

TR: It’s Alexander Cary and David Graziano. Alex was a guy that was brought on by Shawn Ryan when he was watching the show the last year. He’s an English writer, very, very good. We had an interesting connection, the two of us, not just, although aided by, the fact that we come from the same part of London, same part of the world. Then Alex brought on this writer from Brooklyn, this guy Dave Graziano who’s also superb. The two of them had worked together before and now they are running the show. I have a very, very good relationship with them indeed.

Q: Are there more changes you want to make to Cal?

TR: I think what’s interesting about him is he operates in the kind of gray area of what’s possibly legal and possibly is illegal. Which we’ve developed a healthy distrust for authority. I have to say, I like that about him. So I think we’re looking at developing the kind of rogue element of him even more in the third season, and certainly it’s happened in the second season.

Q: Is there anyone you’d like to see Cal go up against as a challenge?

TR: I think his daughter would be interesting. We do a bit of that in the remaining episodes. My aim, and I think we’re exploring that for the third season, is somebody that’s way better than him at what he does. How do you deal with it? How do you deal with that, if you keep not being able to read them and your face gets rubbed in it time and time again, how would he deal with that? I think it might be kind of fun.

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