Fan sites explode with unofficial pics of Robert Pattinson from the “Water for Elephants” set

By Kim Palacios Rob’s Jacob Jankowski character is three things Edward Cullen is not: tame-haired, human, and tanned. It makes for a spectacular combination that fans are quite loving: Rob as a red-blooded American boy.

The proof is in the unofficial pictures, which have been popping up everywhere. Set-crashers (and presumably some insiders) have gratuitously posted shots of Rob, in character to play Jacob. In these shots, Rob is shown as sun-kissed and sweaty in work-clothes, at times, dirty and grimy in little more than a wifebeater undershirt, and carefully working with any number of the production’s circus animal “actors”.

Unlike the impeccably clean and aesthetically boyish Edward Cullen (who Stephenie Meyer tells us even smells fantastic), Jacob Jankowski is all hard work, muscle, and man. The new look certainly appeals to his (quite sizable) older base, who can appreciate a more masculine character.

Unsurprisingly, appreciative awe for Rob’s transformation has created quite the fan frenzy. Dedicated sites such as and, are full of new info on the film and great set pictures of Rob.

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  • June 4, 2010 | Permalink |

    Calling that a WIFEBEATER undershirt is extremely offensive – as those that is a fashion statement. Choose your words a little more carefully – if you want women to read you.

  • June 5, 2010 | Permalink |

    Hello Elizabeth,

    No offense was intended. I used the term “wifebeater” so that readers could conjure the correct specific visual image of the type of shirt Rob has been seen wearing (and, based on my knowledge, there is no other common name for that type of shirt). I used it in the same way I would say that someone was wearing a “seersucker” or “wayfarers” to describe a specific style of suit or sunglasses–it simply refers to the common and specific name for a fashion style that better-helps the reader visualize the correct image.

    While I appreciate and share your view that physical abuse is a serious matter, I do think that our society needs to learn the difference between castigating those who mean real harm or malice around an issue and those who do not. Since my article is 100% focused on Rob’s look on the “‘Water for Elephants” set, I clearly fall into the category of the latter.


    Kim Palacios
    Twilight Blogger – Hollywood News

  • June 6, 2010 | Permalink |

    Rob is gorgeous and talented and I can’t wait to go see Water For Elephants and Bel Ami. Right now I’m just trying to be cool until I can purchase Remember Me on dvd. 🙂

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