Lady Gaga getting heat for simulating a murder scene on stage Lady Gaga has never followed the rules and always painted her own road toward success. So it’s not surprise that she’s once again breaking the barriers, only this time she’s managed to outrage a good handful of people.

She recently performed in Manchester, England and simulated a murder scene on stage, being attacked by her dancers before collapsing to the floor in fake blood. She’s now taking some heat for the performance because her act came on the same day a cab driver in England went on a rage and killed twelve people before taking his own life. In addition, only three days before her concert, a man was charged with murdering three prostitutes.

A fan at the show told UK’s The Sun, “I’m a huge fan but was shocked like everyone else. It was sick, especially after what happened in Bradford and Cumbria. It was just over the top and gory.”

A father who took his daughter to the show added, “I’m absolutely sickened at what I saw. We know Lady GaGa is not exactly mainstream for all the family, but she crossed the line this time. It was extremely tasteless to see her pretend to be attacked in such a gory way, especially in front of kids.”

It looks like Gaga’s got some explaining to do to her little “monsters.”

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  • June 4, 2010 | Permalink |

    People need to quit acting like little girls. Like a three year old. Everyone seen blood and if you haven’t you must be some vegeterian. That probably cuts themself and look up to her. There so wasn’t this much critism when she was at the MTV Music Awards with blood coming out on her stomach when it looks like she took a period on the stage,

  • June 4, 2010 | Permalink |

    The “like everyone else” part is dubious. I’ve also read that 20,000 people there thought it was great. All I’ve read are quotes from a couple of “fans” quoted in the British paper and a spokesperson from Mothers Against Violence, who was predictably against anything with blood. Gaga was performing her usual show during this stage of the tour (the earlier US part of the tour had a much smaller show). The online media keeps repeating the same thing here. Gaga was not glorifying violence. Quite the contrary. Here she was a victim of violence. It’s the Monster tour, after all. What do people expect. If she must strike blood from her performance, then every play, movie, tv show and documentary that deals with violence must be censored as well. Bloody ridiculous.

  • June 5, 2010 | Permalink |

    She wants you to feel disgusted and shocked by the scene that you see, so you can WAKE UP! why do you think the show is called monster ball? hello?? monsters? dont take kids to see it if they cant take it.

  • June 5, 2010 | Permalink |

    how interesting. i saw this same ‘absolutely sickened’ comment but supposedly it was by a mother instead of a father. i think they’re blowing this out of proportion. Alice cooper used to hang himself on stage, etc. artists sometimes do things to shock…that is part of the freedom of art.

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