Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part I gets a second teaser.

By Scott Mendelson

hollywoodnews.com: I guess this MTV Movie Awards spot means that we’ll be getting a fuller theatrical trailer in the very near future. The only question is whether Warner Bros. will wait until Inception is released on July 16th or attach the trailer to another studio’s genre picture (Toy Story 3, The Last Airbender, or Twilight Saga: Eclipse) over the next few weeks. While I’ve read the book and it really delivers in the end, the teaser is weak sauce, especially from a franchise that usually goes for broke with their trailers. This one seems to be aimed at (ironically) the Twilight crowd. There is lots of running in the woods, a token amount of angst, but very little razzle/dazzle or spectacle. Frankly, I preferred the creepier, John Hurt-narrated teaser that was on the Half Blood Prince DVD/Blu Ray last year. Of course, much of the book was a somewhat repetitious chase through dark woods and in and out of various safe houses, which again makes me wonder why the very-much padded final chapter was cut into two movies (yes, I know, two blockbusters instead of one). Oh well, the series has been consistently strong this far into the game, I can’t imagine David Yates and company dropping the ball this close to the end zone. As always, we’ll see…

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