Tom Cruise says they are “working on” a Les Grossman movie

By Sean O’Connell Are we Hollywood prophets? If we type something into this blog, do they magically happen? Let’s experiment.

“I’d like to be a billionaire.”

* Checks bank statement … still broke. *

OK, so that didn’t work. But when we wrote yesterday that if there’s a God up in Heaven, Tom Cruise’s boorish alter ego Les Grossman “will get his own movie dedicated to him in the future,” we had no idea that was actually happening. Or did we?

Anyway, Cruise told E! backstage at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards that they are, in fact “working on it” as we type. Now, that could mean they have an idea. Or the first shred of a concept. Or, like the rest of us, they just enjoy seeing Cruise in that make-up, dropping his guard and bullying movie stars as part of a larger joke.

Does that mean there’s a legitimate movie ready to be filmed? No. Just ask Will Forte how that “MacGruber” idea worked out for him.

Sometimes a one-trick pony is just that, and it has no place in the Kentucky Derby. But if Cruise could lure Ben Stiller to this project, we’d be heading in a safer direction. Roll in Robert Downey Jr. as “dedicated” thespian Kirk Lazarus, and we’ve got a “Tropic Thunder” spin-off worth spinning.

See? We’re just spitballing ideas. Anything is possible. Probable? Maybe not. But possible. What do you think? Is a Less Grossman movie a good idea? Or does a little bit of Cruise’s garish character go a long, long way?

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  • June 9, 2010 | Permalink |

    A little of that character is actually toooo much. After a while the act grows really stale. It would be stupid to think that they could even make a 90 minute movie from the rantings and ravings of that character. What studio would place money on it. (Except Ben, and he isn’t known for making the best choices anymore.)
    Robert Downey Jr. is a wonderfully talented and gifted actor. He has even stated that he would never do the Kirk Lazarus character again. That that time has past. Tom Cruise needs to move on as well and be a professional . Saturday Night Live tries to make movies around bit characters all the tme. So far, they are doing poorly at it.

  • June 9, 2010 | Permalink |

    I am all for a Les Grossman movie. Check out my video repsonse:

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