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‘True Blood’ Trails: Sophie-Anne, please seduce us

By Anthony D’Alessandro

Hollywoodnews.com: In the next 13 weeks, we’ll be keeping a pulse on “True Blood” season 3 so be sure to check back after the show and join in on the discussion.

While there’s a number of re-cap assessments around the internet, many a lengthy blow-by-blow, we’ll shoot to keep our “True Blood” count on summary to a minimum.

In short, season 3 for “True Blood” has big shoes to fill. In the law of TV series creative averages, typically season 2 is a bit of snoozer after the hype of season 1 (think “Sopranos,” “Desperate Housewives”) before bouncing back with some jaw dropping moment in season 3. “True Blood” wrapped up an intense season 2 seeing a vampire face off with a Christian right church (which had enlisted Sookie Stackhouse’s brother Jason played by Ryan Kwantan) as well as the destruction of Maryann Forrester’s (Michelle Forbes) maenad.

The bar was set high by Forrester. Here was an indestructible antagonist, with the power to relentlessly seduce the entire town of Bon Temps under a sexually wretched spell. No vampire could topple her. Sookie proved Teflon against her, but didn’t know how to harness her abilities against Forrester. Forbes, who has always punctuated the femme fatale roles in her filmography, proved to be sweet casting. As hackneyed as it would be, and abnormal for the structure of an HBO drama, it would be great to see Forrester rise again from the black ashes of her body. And getting killed by Sam Merlotte’s shape shifting albino bull – how many bad guys get offed like that?

The one-up for “True Blood 3.0” in terms its freshest creatures of the night are the addition of werewolves to the cast, which frankly doesn’t get me that excited as I’m put off by the whole vampire-werewolf relations plot of “Twilight.” Given how the “Twilight” franchise has saturated this pitting of monsters – it should have been avoided all together in “True Blood.” Why? Because Alan Ball/Charlaine Harris have the smarter and edgier project. Sookie isn’t a push-over like Bella. When her vampire man Bill Compton is kidnapped, she doesn’t curl up in a depressive ball at home before a snowy window. Rather, Sookie has the cajones to get up and get her man, as well as give him the riot act whenever he’s wrong. Sookie never sulks.

As season 3 opens, and Sookie sets out to locate her missing fiancé bloodsucker, all roads point to Evan Rachel Wood’s queen bee vampire Sophie-Anne who was none too pleased to learn that Bill was in the know of her vampire blood black-market with “True Blood” hunk Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard).

By the way, while most girls are split between team Eric and team Bill, as a guy I’m on team Sophie-Anne. Crooked, breathless sexy with an absurdist fetish for playing Yahtzee, Wood turns in a nuanced diva portrayal rivaling her mirror image, that of Anne Rice’s Lestat. Here’s a woman that makes Eric’s alpha male quiver in his leather pants. I can only hope that Sophie-Anne wrecks havoc on Bon Temps, in the same way that William Randolph Hearst did to “Deadwood.” Like many of the great characters Wood plays, there’s a swarm of bees flying around in her soul dramatically, thus triggering her earth-shattering performance. The question begged: how much of Sophie-Anne will we see? Hopefully a lot.

Other loose ends for us to deal with: Tara Thorton coming to peace with the death of her hunky b.f. Eggs. Also, Jason Stackhouse – is he in the clear over Eggs’ death? Easy assumption is ‘yes,’ given Detective Andy Bellefleur’s dismissal of him at the scene of the crime, however, the Bon Temps cops love tailgating Jason.

As werewolves evolve, led by Alcide who assists Sookie in finding Bill, let’s pray that there isn’t a love triangle. I’m more in favor of seeing Eric’s more chivalrous side; and the continued Eric vs. Bill element.

Sound off…

Photo credit: Sookie Stackhouse wonders what’s up with vampire Bill missing, courtesy of HBO, John P. Johnson

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  • eric
    June 13, 2010 | Permalink |

    Reading the books helps see where the show may go. In the books, there is a love triangle between Sookie, Bill, and Alcine but who knows what will happen in the show. Regardless, I am pumped this show is back. Twilight has nothing on TrueBlood.

  • cg
    June 15, 2010 | Permalink |

    You say you’re “over” the werewolf vs. vampire thang, per Twilight, and that Alan Ball and Charlaine Harris have better ideas in them. It’s worth it to note that the Sookie Stackhouse series PREDATES the release of the Twilight books, and the werewolf and “two-natured” creatures that haunt Bon Temps and environs came first. Alan Ball is being faithful to the core storyline of the original series Harris created, hence the arrival of werewolves and other supernatural beings.

  • Kylie
    June 17, 2010 | Permalink |

    These shows are based off a series of books that was pre twilight, so for you to say that True Blood should omit werewolves just because they were so terribly done in that series is absurd. Why take Charline’s concept and take away a good chunk of the plot in the rest of her books? Plus, you have a lot of spelling errors in your article. Including the name of of one of the new character, Alcide. Do you not proof read?

  • BiiaCX
    August 5, 2010 | Permalink |

    Really? Well, as a GIRL i think Sophie Anne is terribly HOT lol. Seriously, i would totally do her. She’s this fierce queen that everyone wants to see in scene. I really hope to see her more often.

    Now, about the Eric x Bill, i would go with Eric or Alcide hahahah.

    Oh, and btw, CLAUDINE is one of the characters i also want to see more often! =P

    And Twilight sucks next to TB, you shouldn’t even have compared one another!

    “These shows are based off a series of books that was pre twilight, so for you to say that True Blood should omit werewolves just because they were so terribly done in that series is absurd.” [2]

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