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‘True Blood’ Trails 2.1: What Sookie doesn’t know, won’t hurt her

By Anthony D’Alessandro Just a brief chat about Episode 26: “Beautifully Broken.” I’ll be back with another entry later in the week about this episode and other “True Blood“ thoughts.

So it turns that Sophie Anne had nothing to do with the kidnapping of Bill Compton, rather it was Russell Edgington (Denis O‘Hare), the head of the Mississippi vampires. And in a clear example of who’s boss: vampires are on top of the food chain over werewolves. Turns out vampires hire werewolves to do their bidding. Apparently, their animosity toward each other goes back to Nazi Germany when Hitler hosted Operation werewolf. See the True Blood Post Mortem here:

But here’s where things are going to get interesting — turns out Russell wants Bill to help him in his quest to marry the Queen of Louisiana, our girl Sophie Anne. Except she doesn’t want to marry him. In doing this, Russell offers Bill the job to be sheriff of Mississippi. In sum, Russell wants to consolidate his power and erase vampire state lines (by the way — thank God that they abide by them, because I would never want an underage vampire drinking True Blood in a wet state and getting in a car crash). Bill makes it clear that’s he’s not interested, but Russell won’t let him off easy — he strong arms him by threatening Sookie.

What I foresee here is a wonderful crash of elements between Sophie Anne’s vampire blood black market and the Mississippi mayor trying to wage control. This was the most intriguing plot point to pop out immediately in Sunday’s episode. Interesting how lawless creatures attempt to keep order when they’re inherently — lawless. Part of it has to do with the vampires’ co-existence with humans (don’t want to step on their feet), but at the heart of it, vampires just want to kill each other off like a bunch of suicide bombers.

David Milch once explained a marvelous storytelling technique he executed during “Deadwood” which was keeping certain characters away from each other so that other parts of the story could advance. He specifically referred to when saloon owner Swearengen (who was always up in everyone’s junk around the Western town) became awfully ill over a couple of episodes. The reason? To keep his character away from other incidents that were evolving around town. Had Swearengen been healthy, he probably would have complicated events.

There’s a similar scenario occurring a la “Deadwood” in “True Blood” in terms of the separation of Bill and Sookie at the current moment. Sookie, as noble as she can be, is feisty. If she’s doesn’t like something that Bill is doing, she’ll complain, whine and get on his case. Vampires get jealous of her, gravitate toward Bill and also get up in his junk. At times, we’ve seen Sookie make a perfectly simple situation complicated just by hanging around (Keep in mind, that I love her character and I would drive cross-country with Sookie over Bella in “Twilight” any day — Bella really needs a good dose of happy medicine). If Sookie was around Bill over the last three episodes, I’m sure she’d be jealous or feel lesser than next to dominatrix Sophie-Anne. Also, she’d be whining to Bill at the Mississippi mansion, “When are we going to leave this place?! He wants you to work for him? Does that mean you’ll have to move out of Bon Temps?” With Sookie out the picture, Bill can make some sound decisions.

In closing, I’ll just be straight up and make it clear that I am not on Team Eric. I don’t trust the guy as far as Bill can throw him. Furthermore, he treats his women like 1970s New York prostitutes. Sure, he’s obviously drawn to be complex and opaque, but to his credit I did like how he tried to toughen Sookie up on tonight’s show. Bill seems to always be the knight in shining armor, throwing his cape in front of Sookie whenever evil nears. Eric’s mind games with Sookie could be the best for her.

Photo description: Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare), Mississippi vampire is here to make sure that blood, not oil, overflows in the swamps.

Photo courtesy: HBO

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