Twilight “Eclipse” movie was much better than the book

By Kim Palacios “Eclipse” is on track to becoming one of the rare few film renditions of a story that will be much better-loved than the book. The formula was simple: it took the most problematic elements of the original and tickled crowds into adoration with humor and romance:

It made fun of the Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle. It’s been a long-standing gripe, how many readers were rubbed the wrong way by the book series’ never-ending love triangle involving Edward, Bella, and Jacob. Instead of trying to make fans buy into the idea that Bella crushing on Jacob made much sense, David Slade’s direction took opportunities to poke fun. From Jacob’s exaggerated nudity, to Charlie’s reaction to Jacob’s stolen kiss, otherwise questionable moments were lightened by humor. This was a wise approach, as it removed the burden of love triangle credibility while mollifying both Team Edward and Team Jacob fans.

It focused on favorite characters and things fans love to see. Disproportionate screen time focused on Edward and Bella kissing, and other romantic moments such as Edward’s proposal; a newborn fight training scene took a soft turn when Jasper and Alice were shown flirting and frolicking when it came time to go head to head; Emmet shown joking with Bella is yet another example of time spent on endearing warm and fuzzies. These tidbits garnered favor, but had little to do with furthering the plot or unknown aspects of character.

It made scenes that happened in the book a lot funnier than Stephenie Meyer wrote them. Most memorable was Bella telling Charlie she was still a virgin. Most fans wouldn’t describe the book as “funny” but the movie sure was, and a real victory for director Slade and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg.

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