Michael Jackson’s son may have same skin disease

By Andy Pemberton

HollywoodNews.com: New pictures reveal that the eldest son of Michael Jackson, Prince Michael, could have the same skin disease as his dad.

The 13 year old revealed white patches under his arm while on a recent holiday to Hawaii with his siblings Paris, 12 and Prince Michael II, eight.

While it could just be a result of exposure to the sun, it looked more serious than just peeling skin.

Vitiligo is a hereditary skin condition whioch discolours the face and the body. Jackson blamed the disease for the gradual lightening of his own skin over the years. Critics claimed he intentionally bleached his skin.

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  • July 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    All of you headline seekers need to take this down. I’m surprised it took you all as long as it did to identify the clearly visible indicators on a child who was trying to vacation privately away from the public eye as it were during a difficult time in the first place. The photographer also should be ashamed for releasing the pictures. Michael tried to endure the ravages of his vitiligo in private, and every last one of you are ensuring that this 13-year-old child endures his as publicly as possible. Please don’t hold up a child without his consent as the proof all of you doubters and hounds-of-scoops needed all along–that was your issue, your problem; not this child’s. You all need to hang your heads in shame for judging Michael Jackson so harshly withOUT using his child publicly to alleviate doubts on an issue you clearly had no rights to proof for anyway on his father. As a parent, I would prefer you continue to doubt me than to use my child in this manner forcing him to deal with a clearly personal issue publicly. This is disgraceful.

  • July 3, 2010 | Permalink |

    Michael Jackson condemned his children with the scrutiny he loved. The parent in this fiasco was the one holding the children out like his pet chimp. It wasn’t the media or people interested in the continuing freak show. Michael thrived on it. It’s the only thing his children know. Their Grandparents, uncles and aunts are carrying on the grand Jackson tradition of making asses out of anyone with a genetic link to the family. The children are too young to be freaks yet but give them time. Personally I dismiss anything associated with the family, with the deceased or any of the children reputed to be his. They are the kind of story on AOL you click on, giggle at and then move on. Legacy3 is obviously a serious Jackson fan. Glad there’s some around to keep the money rolling in. Isn’t it odd, however, that the family as a whole is doing so much better financially now that Michael is dead? Makes you stop and ponder LaToya’s initial position that Michael Jackson was murdered. In the movies you look at who benefits the most from someone’s death. Wasn’t those kids. Maybe the Jackson 4? Mom or Dad? The loving sisters? Don’t you know they lock the doors, pull the shades, turn off the lights and dance with glee?

  • July 3, 2010 | Permalink |

    are you high?! That is not michael jackson’s biological son. Get a grip.

  • July 3, 2010 | Permalink |

    How can he have the skin disease when it’s obvious MJ wasn’t the sperm donor?
    The MJ public relations management is furthering the propaganda that MJ didn’t take skin
    bleachers so he could look white. They found cartons of the skin bleaching medication
    and lotion after MJ died. Looks like they don’t mind exploiting MJ’s adopted children to further
    his cause. I just wish MJ would finally shut up and stay dead.

  • July 27, 2010 | Permalink |


    I totallyy agree with David. I loved Michael but realized even more after his dead how screwed up he must have been. One of the few who is disappointned in him cause he was the downfall of himself. And that whole Jackson family is fucked up. Still to say so…..after they lost Michael. Don’t like what is going on with this family. Includng the weird legacy of Michael.
    What’s nesxt for his son? Bleaching creme? Media mysteries about skeen bleeching or not? Painkillers and weird behavoir out of lost childhood. Because of your lost father and hide for the media the rest of your life. But when there is money to make out it big time do some magic tricks? To keep on supporting your twisted lifestyle?

    No. Michael’s music was genius. No doubt there wiill ever be one like him. But the legacy of his twisted mind and his family is one to go straight to a hellworld. No escape from fame beyond your art. Beyond the art seeking fame is selling your soul for Mara. Witch can only be followed by an uncontroled rebirth.

    Ohm shante.

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