Sucked back in with ‘True Blood’s’ encore performance

By Malina Saval There was nothing else on last night so I succumbed to an encore performance of Sunday’s episode of True Blood even though I swore I wouldn’t get sucked in this season (pun intended). The first year was brilliant, the second year was pretty cool because of all that orgiastic mayhem in the season’s finale, but from the looks of last night’s show, the third of this season, the show has become full-on camp. A few thoughts: Why in almost every episode does Sookie walk into a vampire bar as if she’s never been to one before and glance around the room like she’s clueless about vampires when she’s been hanging out with them for two seasons already? And, I know it’s a hick town in Louisiana, but why can’t wardrobe dress her in something that doesn’t look like it came from Forever 21? And, I don’t know, that Paquin and Moyer are engaged in real life kind of makes the whole set-up a little boring. But aside of all that, the storyline where vampire Bill (goes back in time to his wife before he was “made” into a vampire – he goes back to bury their dead son) seems pretty compelling. I think a truly awesome and romantic plot twist would be if, when Bill and Sookie are again reunited, he can’t shake his love for the old wife even though she’s about to be dead or turned into a vampire. The whole thing gets pretty confusing, and decides he can’t commit to Sookie even though they are newly engaged. You know, it could all be very Wings of the Dove.

On another note, I also caught this season’s Entourage Premiere, and the whole thing was quite silly as well. Everybody – Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold), Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase) – seemed so self-conscious that these were roles they were playing, it as just a little over the top. But I have to say, the first episode of the season of any show is often a warm-up, so I’m sticking around for more. And I have to say, Jeremy Piven truly is a talent, playing the short, insecure, overwrought, Napoleanic Gold with deft skill. He sort of reminds me of a shorter, younger Chevy Chase back when Chevy Chase was funny and not just a mockery of himself. So I like Piven, I do, even if when I once interviewed him for a cover story he told me to “quiet down” because he thought I was talking too loud and kept smiling at girls that walked by instead of focusing on my questions. I also once ran into Adrian Grenier at a friend’s summer barbecue. He only stayed a few minutes because he was off to a Lakers game – I can’t confirm, but I’m pretty sure he said a “car” was waiting for him out front – and he gave this little Hollywood wave that was very much a Vincent Chase move. And that’s the real fun part about Entourage, that sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the actors and the parts they play.

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  • July 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    Maybe you should take t.v. shows like True Blood for what they are: entertainment. I think viewers like you take it a little too seriously. You could always turn off the t.v.

  • July 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    It doesn’t appear that you watched True Blood very closely. Sookie didn’t go to another vampire bar, she went to a Were bar, which was in fact her first time.

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