Bethenny Frankel “Can’t handle it”

By Malina Saval Thursday’s episode of “Betthenny Getting Married?” the seven month preggers Bravo reality star has a conniption fit because while she wants to pick out wedding cakes and debate the pros and cons of beef tartare, her fiancé Jason wants to sit on the couch and watch basketball. “I can’t handle it,” Frankel whines in a nasally hormonal drone sitting in the kitchen of their Tribeca apartment. “I am breaking. I can’t take it. Things are breaking down.” It’s pretty much the standard pre-wedding argument between any guy and any girl. In short: He’s an a–hole; she’s a nut.
Then there’s a cut-away where Jason addresses the camera pleading his point—”There’s no way she would let me make decisions without consulting her”—and we start to get his point. Bethenny is acting like a pregnant lunatic. Compounding matters, she’s also a natural foods chef, so Jason’s weigh-ins on chicken vs. fish will likely fall upon deaf ears anyway. Anyway, they both calm down. And as anybody that’s married with kids knows, fights over wedding cakes are kid stuff compared to what marital squabbles generally come next. Hopefully, we’ll see some of this domestic dysfunction if and when Frankel and Jason—now parents to their new baby girl Bryn—embark on a second season of their reality show spin-off. Frankel herself has jokingly bandied about some potential series titles: “Bethenny Getting Arrested.” I personally think “Bethenny Getting Fat” could be really fun and reflect the reality of married life with kids. In the meantime, here’s a heady question to ponder: Why would your engagement experience make an even louder, self-absorbed, brattier reality series than Bethenny and Jason’s?


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  • July 2, 2010 | Permalink |

    Hahaha! I can see our home situation now on camera with scenes of our son in his initial stages of melt down with brief cut away’s to me on the computer (back to camera), wife in the kitchen overloaded with chores, then to the younger sibling, able to walk, yet not really talk, weilding a toy light saber shouting “BAH BAH DAAH.” Cut! That’s our house at it’s worst, or finest depending how you look at it.

  • July 6, 2010 | Permalink |

    Why would you remove my comment, when you oh-dear-moderator, know what I said to be true?

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