Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Inception’ sets the bar high

HollywoodNews.com: Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest film, “Inception,” doesn’t hit theaters until July 16th, but the critics have finally shared their thoughts. Christopher Nolan’s (“The Dark Knight”) latest film delves into the complex world of the subconscious mind and introduces audiences to elements of dreams that they never knew existed. This dark journey weaves you through fear, desire, pain, and delves into the scariest place of them all – our secrets. While the world of dreams still remains quite mysterious to this day, Nolan digs right in and opens the doors to the dark areas that were previously unexplored.

Our own Scott Feinberg said:

” Had the opportunity to attend an early screening of INCEPTION last week… in my view it’s an excellent film… I expect many will have problems with it though… it actually requires thought, unlike most movies this summer… not at all sure it’s the Academy’s cup of tea, but we’ll see… in the meantime, go see it when it comes out on the 16th!”

This film has been one of the most anticipated films of the summer and doesn’t fall short of its expectations. Sasha Stone at Awards Daily says,

With Inception we have a film and a filmmaker that has broken new ground and very nearly reinvented the form and he did it all without 3-D. Nolan gets there on the power of the story – and his vision was realized with the aid of the usual suspects – Wally Pfister’s cinematography, Hans Zimmer’s unbelievable score – the art direction, the visual effects – see it on IMAX and it will blow your mind.

Kirk Honeycutt at The Hollywood Reporter says “Inception” is “the most original movie idea in ages.” He adds,

Probably what “sells” this tricky movie is the actors. In his second consecutive movie to question reality — “Shutter Island” came earlier this year, remember — DiCaprio anchors the film with a performance that is low-key yet intense despite hysterical chaos breaking out all around him.

Lastly, Steve Pond at The Wrap adds,

“Inception” is a pretty terrific roller coaster even if you don’t have it all figured out. And make no mistake: as the ending makes clear, Nolan doesn’t want you to figure it all out.

With that being said, it’s a sure bet that Nolan has outdone himself again and has himself a potential awards contender. From the sound of things, this is a movie that you need to see more than once to wrap your head around it, and even then you’ll be left with voids for you to fill in with your own mind.


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