Warwick Davis Discusses His Favorite Moments in “Harry Potter”

HollywoodNews.com: Warwick Davis had the distinguishable pleasure of playing not one, but two memorable characters during his 10-year involvement with the Harry Potter franchise: that of grouchy Gringott’s goblin Griphook (in Sorcerer’s Stone and Deathly Hallows), and of lovable choir director and Hogwarts professor Filius Flitwick (over the whole eight film series). So you would think that the actor would have lots of favorite moments over the course of ten year, right?

However, Davis admitted to MTV News that while he has lots of moments he enjoyed and are proud of, his absolute favorite moments have all happened during the filming of the two-part Deathly Hallows. Of his experience, he says:

“I think all of my favorite moments are in the last two films,” Davis said. “I got to do some really interesting and important things, which is nice. Previously in the films, it’s always been great to be there, but normally I’ve been the kind of comic relief. I’ve had silly, fun things to do, which have been very memorable. It’s wonderful. People always remember those moments, but I felt having Griphook and Flitwick – in the final two films – I have much more bearing and importance on the plot as well.”

Davis also spoke of the moment that was probably the most surreal and emotionally charged for him to film: the moment where Voldemort announces to all of Hogwarts that Harry Potter has died.

“…to have read that and to actually be there as it’s happening, that was quite emotional and quite surreal. It sends a shiver down your spine because you’re standing there and witnessing this event. It’s almost like reading the newspaper going back in time, witnessing a world-changing event.”

Potterholics will have a chance to experience these moments and more, when Deathly Hallows is released on November 19, 2010 (Part 1) and July 15, 2011 (Part 2).

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