Michael Jackson’s accused killer may not be convicted so easily

By Roger Friedman

HollywoodNews.com: Michael Jackson’s accused killer, Dr. Conrad Murray, may not be convicted so easily.

That’s what Jackson’s former defense lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, suggests in an interview that’s buried in a new book.

The interview is with, of all people, Judge Larry Seidlin, the “crying judge” who made a fool of himself when he presided over the Anna Nicole Smith inquest in Florida. Not satisfied with his two minutes of fame, Seidlin has “published” a “book” called “The Killing of Anna Nicole Smith.”

I’ll skip Seidlin’s sad efforts to get Mesereau to praise him. Certainly, Mesereau slyly ignores Seidlin’s request for compliments. But what Mesereau, a top notch criminal defense lawyer, does say might be of interest. It’s particularly noteworthy since he liked Michael Jackson a lot, and fought hard for his acquittal in 2005.

Mesereau says: “I think that any prosecutor is going to be a little hesitant to go after someone who appears to be just the delivery person” – in regard to Anna Nicole’s situation. But then he continues: “You know, any crime requires a certain mental state, a certain form of intent. In law school, you learn about the general intent and specific intent but regardless of what term you use, it does require one to have a criminal state of mind to be guilty of almost any crime.”

There’s a lot more along this line, but Mesereau then answers a question by bringing in the Elvis Presley case–and this is relevant to Dr. Murray as it is to Dr. Christine Ehrosevich, who was Anna Nicole Smith’s doctor.

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  • July 7, 2010 | Permalink |

    I think what Tom Mesereau is saying is that it’s not going to be an open shut case. I don’t expect it will be, but that doesn’t mean their won’t be a conviction. I am an MJ fan, I am also a nursing student. I know this case could get ugly for both sides but i am trying to stay objective at this point. All the facts still have to be revealed to the public so it is unfair for anyone in the public, the press or the media to decide the case before a jury is even selected. Conrad Murray’s fate is in the hands of the Justice System, now, we have to trust that Justice will be done and leave it that.

  • July 7, 2010 | Permalink |

    A legal analyst on Geraldo, a former prosecutor in the LA DA office said she’d like the charges to be raised to Second Degree Manslaughter with “implied malice” due to Murray’s extremely reckless behavior.

  • July 8, 2010 | Permalink |

    I think Dr. Murray’s ‘unusual’ behaviour in the minutes and hours after ‘finding’ Michael Jackson not breathing belies something a lot more sinister than medical incompetence.

  • July 16, 2010 | Permalink |

    r.i.p MJ,,,,,,,,, what what if it was-not Michael Jackson who past away? i know its sounds crazy but ? take a step and look at what happened? in one year , he was going to make 1-million a show and i guess he needed? ( mj Owens half 50% of ATV/SONY) (est.$3-5 billion ) and 1 year 6 months the 07-07-2002 estate was established , has earned all most a 1 billion dollars . now what happened in 1993 to Micheal & in 1997 to his music ?? and when he put out a album in 2001, invincible ? it was good but he didn’t want to start Turing and he got in to it with Sony right , and in realty it wasn’t that great like his dangerous and bad or even history in fact thriller am i right ? now back to money –5420 LINDLEY AVE, ENCINO 91316 ,, this is Michaels condo about 5 minute away from the all so famous ENCINO house ,, it went to foreclosure same time he went foreclose on never-land ,, in 2008 and now we all know about WHAT IS SHORT Selling a property means right? ( Google short selling a property means ) and there are more property’s he owned, ……………one more thing what Ever happened to his look a likes they all got new plastic surgery now ?lol.. REMEMBER MJ WAS A ENTERTAINER NOT OUR PERSONAL FRIEND FOLLOW THE MONEY SPECIFICALLY IN down economy ……….AND TRY TO LISTEN TO THE LYRICS OF BLACK & WHITE ,THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US , SCREAM ,AND THE MAKING THE (making of ghost ), remember his a great act surely one off a kind the best of the best he dose make any-one start dancing as long as you don’t hate him so with that can you forgive some ones past when they die ?????????? the answer is yes and for mj 3 kids if you think is his Owen blood making then god bless you lol… read there inheritors instructions they get everything when there almost 40 years old ( Michael would be 90 years old ) ….. and Dr.Morry will go with noting or maybe a licence issue remember no real evidence he did anything even we all hear he give mj the drug but prove it evidence …… if banks can get money from tax payers and buy each other so they can stay up-float
    that cost the $1,300,000. dollars to the city L.A. participation but made almost 1 billion dollars ….

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